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mattttherman3 avatar 12:19 PM on 09.23.2013  (server time)
Nvgr, Thoughts on Dexter, SPOILERS

I had a bad feeling about how the show was going to end from about 4 episodes ago. But even my bullshit meter couldn't have predicted what garbage I watched last night. This was worse than the Mass Effect 3 ending, but at least I was not as emotionally invested in this show. 

First off, Deb dying? Nope, shouldn't have happened, she'd already been through enough. That was what really pissed me off. That leaves Quinn to be all depressed now, but no one cares about Quinn.

Second: Dexter living. Should not have happened, he should have died or have been caught and gone to death row. No way he should have survived. In addition to this, Dexter living and just punishing himself for the rest of his life? Fuck that.

Here are a couple better ways to end the show: 

1. Dexter dies, Hannah is captured, Harrison goes to Deb. 

2. Deb dies, Dexter swears off killing, lives with Hannah and Harrison.

3. Deb dies, Dexter actually kills himself over it.

4. Everybody lives but at the end of the episode, you see Dexter's face, camera pans out, and Dexter is in the electric chair, look over to the crowd, and you see everyone major he's killed or is responsible for killing over the series, like trinity, Rita, Miguel, Travis, Doakes, Laguerta, Lila, his brother, etc.

5. Hannah kills Harrison, bakes him into a pie, feeds it to Dexter. Then she shows him his dead son and a montage of how she baked him into a pie, Dexter gets up in a rage but falls over, poisoned by the pie, and he is dying. He asks her why, and Hannah just says that it's all been a game for her. Then Deb kicks down the door because Hannah had emailed her that montage, Hannah laughs and shoots at Deb, but the gun has blanks, Dexter lets out a laugh and reveals he had previously found Harrison playing with this gun and put those in there just in case. Deb then beats Hannah to death with her bare hands in a fit of range. She then holds Dexter in her arms as he dies, she screams and the screen goes black. Screen comes back on, Deb is driving, dressed in a strange dark outfit, you hear her thoughts: "Tonight is the night..."

Now number 4 was the idea of the shows first producer, the others are mine, especially number 5. Those are my thoughts anyway. The ball is now in Breaking Bad's court.

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