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12:19 PM on 09.23.2013

Nvgr, Thoughts on Dexter, SPOILERS

I had a bad feeling about how the show was going to end from about 4 episodes ago. But even my bullshit meter couldn't have predicted what garbage I watched last night. This was worse than the Mass Effect 3 ending, but at least I was not as emotionally invested in this show. 

First off, Deb dying? Nope, shouldn't have happened, she'd already been through enough. That was what really pissed me off. That leaves Quinn to be all depressed now, but no one cares about Quinn.

Second: Dexter living. Should not have happened, he should have died or have been caught and gone to death row. No way he should have survived. In addition to this, Dexter living and just punishing himself for the rest of his life? Fuck that.

Here are a couple better ways to end the show: 

1. Dexter dies, Hannah is captured, Harrison goes to Deb. 

2. Deb dies, Dexter swears off killing, lives with Hannah and Harrison.

3. Deb dies, Dexter actually kills himself over it.

4. Everybody lives but at the end of the episode, you see Dexter's face, camera pans out, and Dexter is in the electric chair, look over to the crowd, and you see everyone major he's killed or is responsible for killing over the series, like trinity, Rita, Miguel, Travis, Doakes, Laguerta, Lila, his brother, etc.

5. Hannah kills Harrison, bakes him into a pie, feeds it to Dexter. Then she shows him his dead son and a montage of how she baked him into a pie, Dexter gets up in a rage but falls over, poisoned by the pie, and he is dying. He asks her why, and Hannah just says that it's all been a game for her. Then Deb kicks down the door because Hannah had emailed her that montage, Hannah laughs and shoots at Deb, but the gun has blanks, Dexter lets out a laugh and reveals he had previously found Harrison playing with this gun and put those in there just in case. Deb then beats Hannah to death with her bare hands in a fit of range. She then holds Dexter in her arms as he dies, she screams and the screen goes black. Screen comes back on, Deb is driving, dressed in a strange dark outfit, you hear her thoughts: "Tonight is the night..."

Now number 4 was the idea of the shows first producer, the others are mine, especially number 5. Those are my thoughts anyway. The ball is now in Breaking Bad's court.   read

2:52 AM on 07.20.2013

Random Thought on Superman Returns!

Random thought. If Superman Returns is supposed to be a direct sequel to Superman 2, well, that leaves an interesting problem: At the end of Superman 2, Superman mind wipes lois(of a few days worth of memort) with a kiss right? So, it goes to assume that she would not remember them having the sex.  Fast forward to the boat scene where the kid kills the henchman by sneezing at a piano, would she not think that Superman raped her? And that the trauma of said rape made her forget it and subconsciously go after a husband?   Messed up I know.   read

10:02 PM on 07.18.2013

Recent Gaming Experiences. Some Spoilers

Recently, I've been pretty bored, and with the kind of games I love, those being a specific kind of RPG (think Bethesda and BioWare), not coming out in the near future, I decided to replay them, I replayed through the whole Mass Effect series, finally earning the final achievement in ME1(insanity). Then I played through Tales of Symphonia and The Abyss. After that, I replayed Fallout 3 and New Vegas, then the Dragon Age games. All just as good, or in DA2's case, better than I remembered.

Then I got bored, started reading up on PS+ and the free games that come every month. Well I checked out this month's and wow, Uncharted 3, Saints Row the Third, and Battlefield 3, all for 20$ total(3 month sub to PS+). 

I remembered playing the first two Saints Row games, kind of forgettable, I honestly could not tell you the plot of either, only that one guy got his face dragged off behind a car and Johnny Gat is awesome. 

Little did I know how unbelievably awesome and ridiculous SR3 was going to be, wow. You start by parachuting through a plane starting with the cockpit, kill a bunch of thugs, then grab the last thugs parachute on your way out, free fall to save one of your homies. Epic.

I will just list my favorite moments: Meeting Zimos, the guy talks in AUTOTUNE, hilarious! The naked russian. The wrestling match, where someone in the crowd tosses you a chainsaw, and you mow through henchmen? WHO THINKS OF THIS?! Then there's the part where you freefall in a tank, then the tank gets destroyed, so you freefall into another one! Then you land in a zombie outbreak! Then there was this random time when I had to defend a costume store from furries! AND BURT REYNOLDS WAS THE MAYOR OF THE CITY! Fun times, fun times. 

Then I moved onto Battlefield 3. Boring. I stopped after the second mission, in which you were a copilot in charge of gunning down opposing jets. that was a 15 minute borefest, as was the first mission. Maybe this is why I never hear anything about the single player in BF3. The same thing happened with that reboot of Metal of Honor, the first one. I played two missions and got bored. I didn't really care that much for CoD MW3 or blops1. Honestly, I think I am tired of the gritty realism shit. I get enough depressing crap on the news nowadays. Nothing fun in BF3 or COD for me! 

Maybe I'll try The Last of Us, I heard it's ok.   read

3:34 AM on 07.12.2013

Dragon Age Inquisition and Dragon Age 3 Predictions

I just replayed through both games and most of their DLC. Then I read up on the third game, which will no doubt be good from what I have read. I did find a few things interesting though, BioWare says the Warden's story is done, with no real mention of Hawke. It was hinted that they both went off somewhere together to probably fight some new evil. 

Firstly, I find it kind of sad that they won't use the Warden, but when they decided to make Hawke fully voiced, they pretty much shut that door. As for Hawke, well, I find him/her to be pretty damn awesome. I don't know if the cannon Hawke is a Mage, but that would make the most sense. At least in my mind, with the whole uprising and such.

By the way, this whole protagonist going off to fight hidden evil, remind you of a certain Republic? An Old Republic? ;)

Now, this is what I think will happen in Inquisition: You are the Inquisitor, you get the templars and mages to join forces to close the veil thus causing a peace After that, the Inquisitor goes off to join the Warden and Hawke. Morrigan plays the role Flemeth did in the previous 2 games, that being the Witch that helps our hero escape the inescapable in the first act. 

As for returning companions besides Varic? Who knows. I'll tell you who won't be there though, Wynne, cause she's dead. Other than that, I expect Lelianna, Isabella, Sten(now Arishok), Alistair, Sebastian, and of course, Sandal to show up(because in act 3 of DA:2, Bohdan said they were going to the Empresses court in Orlais, which is where this game is largely taking place), not necessarily as companions mind you. Characters I do not care to see: Avaline; straight up boring, Merril; a very stupid person with flawed views, Ohgren; not funny, not useful.

Companions I would like to see: Anders; fully expect he'll be one of the mage leaders, Fenris; will just be some slaver resistance cameo in tevinter, Shale; because she's awesome, Carver/Bethany; because of the Hawke connection.

Here's what I think will happen in Dragon Age 3: You start off as nobody, but it is revealed about half way through the game that you are The Warden and Morrigan's child. As for the antagonist, it will most likely Flemeth. There is just too much we don't know about her. But what of our other 3 heroes? They are now Flemeth's Thralls, and you have to go through each of them in turn to get to her. That would go like this: Inquisitor-Hawke-Warden. With a touching scene of Father/child reunion if your Warden was male. Granted this whole situation only works if BioWare decides to ignore previous save files and go cannon.

Anyway, that's what I think will happen. But what do you think?   read

4:25 PM on 04.24.2013

My ascent to Atheism

When I was 16, my best friend and I attended a retreat called:"Christ in Others Retreat." I did this mainly because my buddies parents would disappear one or two weekends a year to a local catholic high school, and when we asked why, all we got as a response was that "it's a secret". Turns out it was a place for troubled teens to go and talk about their troubles, and try to make friends with God and of course the others that attended. This was a Roman Catholic retreat.

Well after my first time, I would tell random people "God bless you" and other sayings. I was a depressed teenager, and this place was somewhere I could go to be with other like minded teens. Of course there were others there that had it WAY worse than I did, which made me feel better.

The second time around, I was asked to be a team member. That is where a depressed teen with a story to tell is planted. My story was that I was raped by my uncle as a child, it's effects on my family and myself. Well, the coordinators asked me to explain how God helped me get over that as the closing story for the weekend. Well the truth is, he did not, my parents, psychiatrist, and my own brain (the whole ordeal is nearly completely gone out of my memory, in fact I only remember still images of the court proceedings, I would actually give myself anxiety attacks as a child because I thought I lied about it in court.)did that. So I just made up some bullshit story which I can't remember because it was bullshit.

The third time, I was just one of the people in the back that would help cook meals and set up the weekend. Well the lead organizers had a priest come in to talk to us, a retreat within a retreat if you will. He told us about his life and such. Then I asked my questions: "Do you believe priests should be allowed to get married?" And: "Why are there no female priests?" He gave me the runaround, no real answers. He seemed to be offended by the marriage question, gave me the rhetoric about celibacy.

My friends parents "retired" from being the organizers, so I stopped going.

So then I get to my 20's, My parents became born again Christians, and started going to church again.

Fast forward to Xmas time. I asked my parents what they wanted for their gift(s), they said they just wanted me to go to the Xmas mass with them. I should have gotten them presents, but alas, I am a cheap man. So I had never been to this kind of church before, and I didn't really like it at all. The thing that bugged me most was this one woman across the church would yell after every sentence uttered by the pastor. Mostly she would say AMEN, or PRAISE GOD. Well that annoyed me, I was trying to listen, unfortunately it went on the whole mass. Besides that, it was going alright, until the pastor asked people to come be cleansed of their sins. That was weird, seeing people just drop to their knees and just beg forgiveness. As they were singing the closing song, I just sat in my chair, a little bored, when the lady behind me put her hand on me. Now, this might seem normal for some people, but ever since that uncle incident, I HATED being touched by someone I did not know. I walked out.

That summer, my parents offered me 300$ to go to this "Men's Retreat" at that church. Again, Mr. Cheap could not say no. Big mistake. At this point I was already leaning heavily to the non belief side of the coin. At this retreat, they had people who spoke. The pastor had cheated on his wife some years back, God saved him. One man was gay, God fixed that. Another was an alcoholic, God again. During dinner, I overheard conversations about President Obama being the Antichrist, gay people bringing about an impending apocalypse, real scary stuff to hear from people.

I had let it slip that I was being paid to be there, and that I did not really know what to believe. Unfortunately, many of the men there took it upon themselves to "save me". One guy my age told me that God has this golden book, and in it are the names of every person who will ever go to heaven. Stupid claims of course, but I was being bombarded on all sides here. Eventually I agreed to accept Jesus. On the final morning, they did a cleansing. I was standing off to the side watching, still skeptical. One of the pastors aids came up behind me, put his hand on my shoulder, and started praying in tongues, again, I hate being touched. I asked him not to touch me, which got this response, and I quote:"Why, are you possessed by the devil?" What kind of ass hole asks that? So I moved away from him. And that's when the golden book guy fell to the floor in convulsions as "the holy spirit" washed over him. I didn't know what I was seeing. I had an anxiety attack and RAN out of there.

I grabbed my massive duffle bag and started walking home. I called my parents, but I was pretty incoherent, just yelled pick me up or something. They did not. I started walking home, which was well over 20km away. I called my friend(same guy from way earlier in this story), he came and got me after he finally answered. As it turns out, he was an atheist, and explained that convulsions can be brought about by extreme emotional states. The brain is a confusing beast after all.

At that point, all question about it was gone.

I am an atheist.

P.S Thanks for reading. I am by no means an English major, I have been out of school for some time. If I made mistakes in my recounting here, I apologize. If you have questions for me, please feel free to ask.   read

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