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OK, my name is matt.

I live in the UK (england to be precise)

Most modern games I play are usually shooters or action games

I love arcade games, but hardly get the chance to play them (currently holding the top spot on Time Crisis 4 at bournemouth pier)

Not really much to me, I like classic games and xbla stuff aswell

can't think of anything else
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A while back I took a 6 hour train journey and I thought I'd take a few games with me to play on my PSP anticipating that I would be able to charge my PSP on the train so play for almost the whole 6 hours.

Well, I took 3 games on that journey and if it wasn't for one of them I would have been throwing my PSP at the nearest screaming 4 year old (there were enough of them, and they were begging for it)

First up was GOW: Chains of Olympus

I'd heard great stuff about this game and so I picked it up on the cheap. Around 1 hour in, after all of the enforced cutscenes (WTF this is a portable game not a bloody cinematic experience) and the mindless bashing of buttons I got stuck. Not stuck because I'm bad at the game, stuck because I couldn't figure out what the hell I was supposed to be doing. This has happened to me with the previous GoW games (maybe it's just me) and I usually look up an FAQ or google because there is some uber cryptic clue I wasn't paying attention to 20 minutes ago.

My biggest issue with this game are that its rules are not consistent, in some levels I can jump of ledges and smash through walls or barriers (not Zelda style off colour stuff, just stuff that I'm supposed to know breaks) but then in the next room, when face with a puzzle I assume I can use my previously acquired vocation of wall smashing to break through this rather measly 3 foot barrier, but no, its a puzzle involving that statue over there which I've already tried pushing.

Sadly I was on a train and the intermittent internet access on my phone wasn't doing anything to help. I turned the game off and I can tell you even now I've found the solution I will never turn that game on again, because I just can't be arsed to have that happen again.

Second up: Daxter

OK Ready at Dawn, round 2 you bastards. I start the game, watch the cutscenes (seriously?!) I play a level and there's another cutscene, during this cutscene I can only assume I was told something to do because I wasn't paying attention (this is a portable game after all), and now I'm lost. What the hell am I supposed to be doing now, I wander round for a bit, get fed up and quit.

I didn't decide to play my PSP on the train so I could watch cutscenes and get stuck, I WANT TO PLAY

Last and by no means least: Megaman Powered Up.

OK so I'm around 2 hour in and I'm not holding out much hope, I pop in megaman and I emerge 5 hours later wondering where the hell the time went. This is what I wanted, this is possibly the best megaman game I've played so far, maybe it was just because I was forced to play it, but when I died I didn't want to quit because it was my fault I died. Nothing in this game was unfair, and if I did get stuck I can just play as another character, play some challenges, or just try a different boss.

In my mind Daxter is a platform game, so why not just make it a platform game with a Marion style world interface, I wanna play this level, guess what I just select it, no wandering to place A with item B.

God of War boils down to waves of enemies and boss battles and perhaps a few puzzles, but since I'm playing this on a portable console most likely away from home, why not tell me what I need to do if I'm standing in the same room for longer that 10 minutes. I don't care how ingenious the puzzle is, if I dont get it no amount of running about the room hitting walls is going to help.
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