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mattmagoo avatar 4:20 PM on 11.18.2008  (server time)
Is Mirror's Edge a 'Next Gen' Sonic game

OK, I've been thinking this since the Mirror's Edge 2D Flash game was released. Whilst playing the side-scroller I began to feel a sense of familiarity, an old friend perhaps.

Let's have a look at the facts shall we, in Mirrors Edge you can:

+ Move at High Speeds across various different buildings by running and jumping
+ Use hand rails to slide across rooftops
+ Confront enemies using hand to hand combat
+ Run past enemies, which have guns, if you feel like avoiding them
+ Take multiple routes through a level
+ Visit different buildings which involve similar game play with slight twists

And Sonic:

+ Move at High Speeds across various different land masses by running and jumping
+ Use rails to slide between platforms
+ Confront enemies by jumping on them
+ Run past enemies, which have bullets coming out their asses, if you feel like avoiding them
+ Take multiple routes through a level
+ Visit different worlds which involve similar game play with slight twists

Basically, I think runners vision makes ME the best Sonic game ever, the reason Sonic was so good in 2D was because you can move through the level by reacting to your surroundings quickly. In the 3D Sonic games there are 2 scenarios, either the game requires you to stop and evaluate a situation which loses this sense of speed, or it creates a fast moving sprint 'level' but allows you to get to the end by just holding the joystick to the right.

Runners Vision stops all this and helps the player maintain the speed without dumbing down the game play. Quick reactions are still required as the RV does not kick in until you are quite close to an object.

Also the way in which the game handles enemies is quite similar. In Sonic the enemies use linear paths, but usually have more sophisticated weaponry. These enemies can be avoided or killed, usually when the player is on a roll they will avoid the enemies and just get to the finish. In ME you have bad guys that have guns, but are pretty stupid, if you're going a little slow you can take them out, but if you are legging it you can avoid them and try not to get shot. In ME it has evolved further because if the player stops they lose momentum, so there is an added incentive to avoid conflict.

Anyway, those were my musing,

A side note, I am from the UK and have been searching for a decent place to swap games online (think Goozex) but cannot find one. Since there is no shortage of games I, and no doubt everyone else, can afford. Perhaps there could be some sort of arrangement made where the big hitters (GOW 2, COD, ME, FABLE 2, LBP, and the rest) could be swapped on a like for like basis, with each person eventually ending up back with their original purchase so no one loses, or gains, any value. Just an idea

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