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12:35 PM on 08.05.2009

Never trust a politician, or: How I learned public servant means that you really don't have to think about anything.

I really can't see Germany banning all violent videogames, the idea is just way too out there. But I still feel that even if I don't live in Germany, I belong to the global tribe called gamers, and we have each others backs. And attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.
What makes me worry is that this proposal is even under debate in Germany. On the surface the bill is all high fives and everything, less violent games, less violence. And even if the rest of the world doesn't work on logic of Dr. Seuss, what's the harm? It's only violent videogames that it effects.

Yeah, that is what it seems to a tunnel visioned politician, but the rest of us who haven't had a lobotomy can consider the consequential damages this would have. We are not only talking about banning something, we actually are talking about money, lots of it, and where there is money there usually are jobs and interests. Companies who produce videogames, not only those who produce violent ones, are going to lose money, in free market economy much of it is all intertwined in a nice web. One example would be that local publishers who publish a lot more than just violent videogames are going to lose customers and money, and that effects the developers that make tycoon games or what ever. Another nasty effect is that the stores and all around trade that comes with games takes a large hit, because usually violent games are pretty popular and they represent a large percentage of sales.
Not to mention game related media will suffer, because I think that advertising and writing about something that is banned in a country really can't exist, mainly because you can't buy the damn product. This will decrease ad revenues and subscriptions in all forms of the media.

So what we are talking here is banning an industry that is in the hundreds of millions, probably billions in revenues. And that is insane, if you think about how much jobs will be lost, how much taxes are lost. And for what? Because someone who doesn't know any better because he just can't be bothered to find out the consequential effects of his decisions. Piracy will become much more popular I suspect, but hey, at least we got violent games out of the shelves.

This all reminds me of Cannabis. Outlawing something that is just so insanely popular, you are basically giving money to organized crime and giving the drugs to children yourself. Outlaw doesn't mean the same thing as control.   read

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