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masterninja's blog

4:50 PM on 01.11.2009

Time to introduce myself...

Hey everyone,

I now have about a 100 comments I know thats not much but I figured It would be the right time for me to introduce myself..
So hello everyone I'm masterninja I'm 21 years old, I live In Holland and I have been lurking for about a year and somewhere last month I decided to sign up..

Let me start by saying I'm a gamer I know your all shocked but try to stay with me, I'm also a moderator on wich is part of the Official Xbox Community Developer program..
Thanks to the brilliant admin/founder Stonyarc but im straying off the topic so i'm sorry for that...but feel free to sign up there!

In real life i'm an IT student/ninja you would be surprised how many assasinations the average IT student is responsible for...
Anyway let me explain how I got into gaming I started at the age of 3 with a NES and because of my uncle and his influence shooting birds with duckhunt quickly turned into booting up games from a commodore 64 by myself...
My mom never bought many games for the NES wich was hers BTW so anytime I was at my grandmothers place(uncle was 18 at the time) I would turn on the C64..

After that there was no stopping me something I occasionally did turned into a hobby and that hobby has turned into a way of life more or less..

On my 8th birthday I finally got a console of my own a SNES, I consider it the best birthday I ever had and from that point I knew I would allways have a place for Nintendo In my heart..
They pretty much fallen from the grace of my wallet considering I don't wanna spend money on a Wii but the place will allways be there watching and waiting for a new Nintendo console that deserves my love...

Anyways I owned pretty much everything after that a N64,Atari Jaguar,Playstation one before it got called a PSX,PS2,xbox,gamecube,PS3,Xbox 360 and from handhelds a PSP,GBC and a GBA...(even missed a few I think)

Im a kind gamer but in multiplayer games I can be very competitive at times but Its all iIn good fun, I won't call you names or anything childish like that...
I probably won't be on on those FNF nights I keep reading about because I go out partying most weekends to waste my money and do other very bad things..:P
But who knows there are weekends where i'm broke so might wanna join in then...I'm young and I pretty much live from weekend to weekend at this point In my life...

I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys and hopefully play some games with you guys....

Thats me feel free to laugh I'm crazy like that and there is another picture from another good night on the side of my blog...
Hope I put this blog in the right topic...If not I hope the staff wouldn't mind fixing It.

Greets masterninja.   read

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