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Why I'm Back and Why I Shall STFUAJPG

After months of depriving myself of the luxuries of the internet, I've returned to reading Destructoid, shenanigans and, most importantly, gaming. To give you all the Cliff's Notes version on why, I pretty much almost flun...


New Video is New: "How To Kill A Brand" PS3 Music Video

Sarcastic Gamer has posted "How to kill a brand", sung and written by Doc Adams. The song is sung to the tune of "How to save a life" by Fray. Faith posted this previously on the front page, but now the music is actually accompanied by an actual music video and not a slideshow. Enjoy.


About masterledzone of us since 11:35 AM on 02.08.2007

STFUJPG. Or stay to become enlightened by all the Master has to offer.

Are you a nay-sayer of the Master's teachings? An Unbeliever? Blasphemer? Douchebag? Just read these satisfied pupils' unsolicited testimonials...

Do what that person said, he is wise. /\

For the record, nobody.... and I repeat nobody, breaks in noobs to the forums like Masterledz. If he hasn't appeared with his ominous warning, you have to ask yourself if you've really joined Destructoid.

Truer words were never spoken, Master.

Masterledz? Internet famous? HA!

There you have it folks; the Master has spoken.


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