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masterledz avatar 8:26 PM on 04.21.2009  (server time)
Help this NPR Reporter with Interview about VG Research. Also, Billy Mays here.

Let me preface this post by saying this does not involve Mr. Mays, the "full-volume pitchman, amped up like a candidate for a tranquilizer-gun takedown." But he's still here. In my heart.

What I ask from the Destructoid community is to help me with a certain story I'm currently writing as a radio reporter.

I work as a broadcast journalism student at an NPR affiliate. The story involves a professor at the University of Missouri who is developing a video game focusing on what happens in the brain and body when somebody uses drugs. He worked as a freelance computer program while studying clinical psychology. He's planning on testing his software on St. Louis elementary school children in an effort to educate youth on drug prevention. The news release link is linky.

Riveting, I know, especially since NPR's 85+ audience is literally chomping at the bit at this lead. AARP members rejoice.

I'm looking for some key questions to ask him by getting a gamers' perspective on the topic. Personally, I feel gamers are left with a sour taste in their mouths after the overall negative attitude by the media, linking video games to delinquency. It's something I'm passionate to clear up.

So please, lend me your questions. Do it for your country and/or Bill Mays here. Thanks for your help.

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