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So I love Little Big Planet. The game makes me giddy like a little school girl and is one of those few games that actually didn't dissapoint me with huge hype. I'm looking at you Brawl... No, I think LBP really lived up to it, and I love it. And then came Ghostbusters. I love this game. It makes me equally giddy. And then I thought, what if there was a Ghostbusters Sackboy? So I began to sketch it at work.

Got this far...

Then I stopped. Well, recent news of POSSIBLE Ghostbuster LBP content than inspired me to finish it. Though it is only a pencil sketch. Maybe I will color it when I find my pen tool for my Bamboo.

Think you could guess who is who? >_>

It's amazing what having references can help you acomplish. Even if the proton blasters aren't perfect.

Hell, maybe one day my LBP art will get me a crown, cause my level making skills are only sub par. THough I doubt I would use the crown, so I imagine it won't matter much none. But I really enjoy doing LBP Work. I even did this one up... at work...

I thought to myself, what if I start doing other peoples sackboys for one big project. I tried it once, but no one was able to help me. You know, if anyone is interested, post a picture of your main sackboy and I might be able to get my big project done. Also post your PSN name. When (or if) the project gets finished (hopefully this one will be colored) I will post it on my deviant art account, along with all the PSN names. It's my destructoid screen name.


Hope to see what your sackboy looks like :D

This is a picture of Ryu

Which could be found.... here http://www.dontpaniconline.com/designbrief/entry/?id=5564

This is a picture of Cammy

Which could be found... here http://www.dontpaniconline.com/designbrief/entry/?id=5574

Pretty interesting stuff isn't it? The key to this contest is to draw a redesign of a street fighter character in an illustrative format. The contest is found here.

The prizes are 100,000 posters printed of your illustration, an original art signed by Yoshinori Oni, a Playstation 3, and a bundle of classic capcom titles.

The problem is, these illustrations are doing much better then something such as... this

WHICH could be found here...

Now what the hell is wrong with the picture here. The one with Chun Li, is amazing. You can tell. The artist put a lot of heart and soul into this. You could tell by the attention to detail... WHILE the other two look like they were drawn in less then a day. I mean what is wrong with people in their perspective of what is good and what is NOT good. Seriously, this is all one big fucking joke. Is art really something that can truely be shat on and then flushed down the shitter? I swear people need to get there shit in gear, cause if something like that Ryu or Cammy wins, Capcom will be a laughing stock. That ius not to say some good ones are not in the lead, but most part, it's all mostly shit.