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yeah it's true i was watching some videos of the japanese released version and he's in it! nintendo and sega working together? crazy, huh. i don't know how they thought they could hide it for the american version, especially when they released it in japan already haha. video after the jump


alright i bought patapon

alright i bit the bullet and bought patapon, and it's the greatest fucking thing ever. why it rocks 1) pretty much how it plays is you have to keep in rhythm and remember the chants and remember when to use certain chants....


ah, blog at last

hi i want to thank everyone for coming out. i greatly appreciate it! your support is what makes our efforts worthwhile. my plans from here-on-out are take over destructoid. and thanks again for coming out!


About manleyone of us since 10:04 PM on 02.27.2008

hey what's up i'm manley i want to thank everyone for coming out and supporting my videos

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