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manasteel88 avatar 12:19 PM on 10.26.2013  (server time)
The G3 Extra Life Marathon is Now LIVE! Total raised so far: $41

[UPDATE: Just beat SFxMM and man did that take longer than I expected]

We are LIVE! Today (and even some of Sunday as well if you'll have me), I'm going to be spending my time with you lovely people playing video games in an attempt to raise as much money as possible to help some sick kids. I'm going to do my best, so I ask that you please reach in to your pockets and pull out any spare change you can to donate to a good cause.

To get more excitement going, I have set up a raffle, a video stream and most importantly, a donation page to raise funds for the hospital.

G3 Gaming and Giving for Good

Like I said, this event will be raising funds for the University of Mississippi's Batson Children's Hospital. As with every year, I chose one hospital at random. I probably will never need their services as I don't even live in the state. The reason I chose random hospitals is because it doesn't really matter which one I chose specifically. Helping Kids regardless of location should be the goal for all of us.

My G3 Page is here

I will be playing a number of games on October 26th, 2013 to raise support. We'll get to the games in just a second.

Raffle Prizes
If you have ever donated to my Extra Life events, you've received a game. Each year I have collected a number of games that I raffle out personally. This year wanting to do something a bit bigger, I've been hoarding codes for this. The result is that I've got a pretty good number of games I'm personally donating to this event.

This year I have some games to give out to both events.

Here is the Raffle List for G3.


On November 2nd I will be doing a separate marathon for Sick Kids International with some friends. I've hoarded games for this so you can enter that one as well if you like those games.

Here is the Raffle List for Extra Life.

I will marathon through Mega Man X Street Fighter without Power Ups or the charge shot, just because those things confuse me (I'm a simple man). Afterwords, I'll play through some Organ Trail, Skullgirls (hit me up, manasteel88 on Steam) and other fun games.

Stream Schedule: 2PM EST October 26th - until you people obviously grow tired of me sometime on October 27th

If you want, come watch me. If you don't want (I wont judge), just donate and I'll love you all the same.

Since you haven't asked, I'll just post some random stuff:

How to Donate?

Click on this link below:
Donate to G3

Fill out all the information and the amount you want to donate. Even if you only spare a dollar, I will gladly accept it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Next, make sure you click the little box that says "Allow participants to see my email address"

This allows me to track who donated so I can enter you into the raffle. If you choose to donate anonymously, I won't be able to see you and I won't be able to get you entered in the raffle.

If you want to message me for a certain game, I won't promise you the game, but I won't say I won't be swayed by the request of a donor.

Donations are live right now so please donate anything you can.

Do I need to donate twice to get in both raffles?

Yup. Sorry, but one is mine personally. One is an event I'm working with other people. I want both to be super successful and I've split my game donations accordingly. Donate here if you want to enter the Twinfinite raffle.

How can we watch you?

On October 26th I will be streaming on my personal Twitch page

When will you draw the Raffle?

When I recover from the marathon on November 2nd. Shouldn't be more than a day or two.

Why do this?

Well, I want to get as much money I can to help sick kids across the world. I'm doing this because we all need to help reduce the cost of healthcare for children. I won't promise you this will save lives, but it has the potential to change them. If the money raised just pays for a single janitor to clean the hospital for even a day, that helps recovery for these kids. If it buys a bunch of pop sickle sticks, that is something that reduces the always increasing medical costs.

I'm only asking for whatever you can give. $1 suits me just fine. While it's still open I will ask you to do anything you can to help raise funds for children's hospitals.

I have no money, what now?

Advertise via twitter, facebook, etc. or just join the twitch page tomorrow if you have time. Fundraising events need word of mouth for people to get excited. I'm trying to get people excited and any help is...well...helpful.

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