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manasteel88 avatar 6:50 PM on 10.04.2011  (server time)
The Destructoid Community has raised $500 for Children's Hospitals

At or around 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on October 4, 2011, Destructoid's community members reached their goal of raising $500 for children's hospitals across the country. FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. That is simply amazing. I had asked in my very first writeup, for everyone to make this a thing. A real thing that spread amongst the community. And from there it became a thing across twitter, steamtoid, the cblogs and Skype.

It became a thing and turned in to $500 that is going to 4 hospitals that will need it.

I've already thanked you all once for just helping me. I'll thank you a million times if you want, but right now I'm in shock because of what we did. I know to some, $500 for charity might not seem like much, but it is a lot for a lot of people. This is money that these hospitals would have never seen. Everyone's hard work and generosity has shocked me. Even when I've already proven to myself that you are all awesome.

I guess that's what it breaks down to. You are awesome. I asked developers, publishers, and so many more people about donating game codes and what not. A lot didn't respond to me, some did. I ask Hamza and 10 minutes later I've got two codes in my hand.

I asked for anybody just to sign up and represent us on October 1st for the G3 event and I got 3 other people to game with me. They even took it a step further and set up a live stream and started showing off to the world. They had their friends and associates give them money.

I asked for retweets from anybody I could get and people did. A LOT. I asked Legion from Steamtoid to put up something about the fundraiser and without batting an eye, he did. This was no problem.

Lastly, I asked people for donations. I'm not the type that goes around asking a lot from people, but this is charity. You know what almost every single person I asked did? They donated. Like it was nothing. People moved funds around for this. They found ways to get the money to the event. I have two Canadians who had to figure out a way to actually donate the money on here since Extra Life wouldn't let them do it. And they did.

What I'm describing is awesome.

All I can say is thank you all for being awesome. For helping me raise enough for my goal. I made an arbitrary goal and thought it was insane if I ever got that goal. I got that goal.


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