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manasteel88 avatar 1:49 PM on 11.20.2011  (server time)
The Answer: is Metal Gear Solid 5 necessary?

Is any game truly necessary? Since gaming is meant for nothing more than entertainment, it would be easy to write everything off as unnecessary. To do so would potentially abandon the many great things that gaming can bring to a person's life.

However, the question asked is whether or not the fifth iteration of Metal Gear Solid is indeed necessary. To that, we have found many answers buried inside of an invisible question. How should MGS5 be made? Many of you have no certain idea how the 5th game would be made but the debate was made. For a series so rich in WUT? moments, the focus of where the Metal Gear Solid could go seems a debate that derailed the true question at hand.

Should Snake sit the next one out? Should we focus more on the hero of the most divisive game in the series? Should it be a remake? Should we focus on the origins of our hero or his villainous cohorts?

Out of 115 comments, I have found a single truth. That none of us have any idea on where this should go. However, many of us agree that another game in the series is indeed necessary.

To the chart!

For a select few special comments, see below:

The polling is now closed and the decision has been rendered. Any further debate however is always welcome.

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