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manasteel88 avatar 6:50 PM on 02.08.2012  (server time)
Stuff...but more importantly, Valentine's is coming

I can't believe Madonna was the classy one in the sandwich

It's been a long week and I've not been sleeping very well so I'll try to keep this somewhat sensible. It's only Wednesday and I'm already kinda burnt out. Anywho, words...

Did you all watch the major sporting event of the weekend? After looking at my twitter feed that's probably a no. I'm not much for talking about it as I didn't care for either team so it was really a lose lose situation.

However, people seemed to get in a tizzy over some lady that flicked off the camera at half time. I was shocked by this because I thought the big controversy was going to come from the N-word that kicked off their duet.

Apparently I was the only one who heard that. I guess suburban white women with no time on their hands can't understand rappers rapping. Go figure.

Bah, enough with the sports talk. Actually, I'm not sure what all that has to do with Valentine's Day. I'll have to get around to it later I guess.

I marathoned through Breaking Bad Season 1 last night. It was enjoyable. It takes the exact formula that Weeds took, but turned it up a notch. It's honestly quite a show to watch. See a good drama will draw you in with it's people. Something that usually explains why I hate shows like NCIS over shows like Bones.

I could care less about any cast member on NCIS as they all annoy me to an extent that I force other people to change the channel when it is on in their homes. Sure, I feel like an asshole for dictating what their TV can show them, but their TV can show them better.

So Breaking Bad is all about a brilliant chemist in his mid-life crisis dealing with the fact that he has just learned about the cancer spreading through his lungs. So, looking to raise some money for a child on the way, a wife without a job and a handicapped son that probably will have a hard time in life providing for himself and his family, he starts making meth.

And like most of our first job's in a field, he has a really bad first week. Throw in a DEA asshole of a brother-in-law, a narcissist sister-in-law and his lack of funds paying for his problem, you have a fantastic little drama. It starts off a bit uneven, but by episode 4 it gets solid.


The super awesome Christine that gave us codes for Extra-Life posted up a Valentine's writing contest from The Behemoth. Despite giving the game out to you all for the event, I don't actually own a copy of Castle Crashers which makes entering this event impossible. However, I want somebody here to win them an awesome Pink Knight figurine so I'm spreading the word because it's cool and I always love a good writing contest.

There will be two categories: Doubles & Singles.

To enter into the Doubles: Write a blog post about how Castle Crashers contributes into bonding with your significant other, your favorite moments together, etc!

To enter into the Singles: Write a blog post about why itís better to play on your own, battling enemies/friends, to rescue and kiss online princesses (which is perfectly okay)!

You can write in any style that you want.

- Entries must not exceed 500 words in length.
- You many only enter into one category.
- You publish a Cblog online and send the link to [email protected]
- The deadline to to enter will be February 13, 2012 at 5pm PST.
- Winners will be announced on the 14th.
- Emotion must be felt.
- You must be okay for the prize to arrive after February 14, 2012.
- Winners must be okay with us reblogging your post (linking it to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr).

Oh yeah, game stuff.

Apparently, someone who has translated Sakura Wars in to Russian is attempting to do the same in English. Now currently we've only got a sampling of pics and I don't even know this guys translation quality. HOWEVER, this is something super awesome amazing and I hope it bears fruit since the PSP version of I and II aren't coming over after V's shoddy sales.

Speaking of translations, Monkey Paw Games is fishing for Sega Saturn games ideas on Twitter for some really weird reason. Seeing as how they have a good relationship with Vic Ireland, I asked about Dragonforce. They responded something akin to buy more Vanguard Bandits *wink wink*, but ideally their is somebody out there at Monkey Paw that could bring this out. I had a Saturn a long time ago and played only garbage on it like Bug. I missed out on excellence and I want this to come out.

I was recently reading through the Iwata Asks with Hironobu Sakaguchi and was intrigued by it. While I've not been paying attention to the title outside of the trailers, it was interesting to actually read an interview of his. As a fan of his works, that hasn't been necessary before. However, since this is his first billed directorship since Final Fantasy V, it was an interesting read to see how he responds to his project. Highlight of it all was when Hironobu Sakaguchi used the word "highfalutin." Just wouldn't expect that from the father of Final Fantasy.

Finally, thanks to Gamespite, I found out that the Super Gameboy was actually originally a development kit to test the regular game boy games on a TV. I don't know why this was a revelation to me, but that kinda blew my mind. Somebody at Nintendo had sat down and seen all these people testing Gameboy games on the TV and had an epiphany. Let's sell it. I don't know of many development tool hardware that really get circulated outside of a company, so this was just pretty cool to me.

Found these strategy guides at Half Price Books. I went in looking around for something when I was forced to go home early from work one day because I had covered somebodies shift earlier that day. I walked around only having seen a good deal on the Mahou Sensei Negima Omnibus and decided I wasn't interested. Then I went to clearance and found these all marked down to a dollar a piece. The highlight is the LoZ Spirit Tracks hardcover which came with a map.

I don't know what I'll do with these, but I always love a good strategy guide so it was a good haul.

I guess I'd figure I'll take a quick second to highlight some of my twinfinite articles I would probably have posted with you all. One of the main reasons I took the job was because of the Watchmen article I wrote. Personally, I felt I needed to condense my articles to certain content in the Modern Method network. This is giving me a bit of range to expand on and while I know I could have done it here, I don't think I my brain would have.

The other reason is that I can attempt to get me some press passes. Sorry, but I don't go to cons. Like ever. This is a reason to expand my horizons while reporting on fun events.

Anywho, articles I like that should be up your alley:
How to do an Xbox Indie charity jam
Before Watchmen: It's Not the End of the World
Should I be happy Sonic is selling me insurance?

I also like to be on podcasts, but I still haven't gotten over my initial public speaking timidity.

Fun thing, the Watchmen article is the first time I've ever been called a mongoloid. I've seen the internet use the word before, but I was thankful it was never in regards to me. How naive I was. Jim Davis shocked me with that one. Over 3000 words reduced to nonsense with one word.

I have been called shitbird though. That one's not new to me.

The fact that all Californians now have the right to marry was a really cool way to get in to the Valentine's Day spirit until Rick Santorum stomped that parade down. I dunno how somebody attempting to run for an office that represents all Americans posts something like that.

My wife got an early Valentine's present in the form of a tablet. She seems to like it and I haven't actually seen it in an official capacity. She deserves it though, she's works hard in a suburban retail store.

Those people are animals.

Fun story, there apparently was a shooting in her parking lot in front of their store. Nobody hurt thankfully, but her loss prevention manager now has a bullet in his car bumper. Freaking recession man.

To make up for that depressing news, this comic made my week. Drawn within a single day no less. Unbelievable.

I dunno, this was just some random stuff going through my head this week. Since I won't probably have another article up before V-Day, I leave you this old post of mine and a wish that you all have a Merry Valentines.

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