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manasteel88 avatar 7:12 PM on 08.11.2012  (server time)
Stuff...but more importantly, Charity

Wow, it's been a while. I'm not even sure if I remember how to do this...whatever this is. Brain Dump? Yeah, I think that's what it was.

It's been a long time coming for one of these. I've been busy at work, my kid is now fully aware that we should be busy playing with her instead of trying to get her to sleep, I type words on another site as well so that takes time to.

So doing these personal things really seems to take a back seat to things. Feels good to be able to release some writing that doesn't do anybody any good except me.

Anywho, blog...

I'm going to open up with charity first instead of burying it somewhere in the middle. The 24 hour gaming marathon known as G3 is running again this year on August 18th and it's not the same setup as last year. While the funds are all going to Children's Miracle Network, I have seen no confirmation that the funds will go to a hospital of choice this time. Odd choice.

Instead, I just get to support "local hospitals in the United States and Canada." That's still good to me and I still am focused on helping sick kids by raising as much money as I can. In case you don't remember, we as a community raised $500 for G3 last year. I wasn't completely prepared last time, however this time I'm a bit more focused and am going to work harder to get raffle items and donations. I'm actually going to be live streaming a part of this for the first time ever (since I learned how to do that last night). If anybody wants to hop on the stream and help me through talking and playing at the same time, that would be great.

Over the past year or so, I've accumulated a bunch of Humble Bundle items. I have about 30 game codes so far to hand out which is a bit of an improvement over the paltry 6 or so codes from last year. I've also gotten in contact with many publishers and will hopefully have more real news on that. Big props to Serious Sam Double D dev Mommy's Best Games for their donation by the way.

Anywho, I'll have a REAL post on this by Friday. Right now I'm just going to ask you to check out my page and donate any change you have to help some sick kids. If you could even take the time to spread the word, that would help a lot as well..

You can see the full writeup and details of the raffle here. Thanks. Now to other stuff.

I had a birthday a few weeks back. Not a big deal, but I bought myself a Vita. If you are wondering why, well I don't know either. The games weren't the reason. Even the promise of games really isn't here since I own the only good games on the system with my PSP.

Gravity Rush is kinda fun though. I guess. Has that same issue all Japan Studio early games have in that it's brilliant on many levels, yet it needs just a bit more time in development to be amazing.

Anywho, while I did have a fun birthday, I learned the real issue with reviewing games. See, in one week I received 3 review copies of games. THREE. This isn't a big deal for some and it's really a whiny complaint I know, but getting 3 games out in a timely manner is tough. Especially since I'm not writing other things during this period as I'm playing instead.

Now I'm sitting with two copies of 30+ hour JRPG's and I'm not touching one of these games until the other is finished. It's a lame complaint, but I now see why many reviewers enjoy games like Call of Duty. Here you have a quick campaign followed with hours of extra content you can play in better scenarios.

I guess I should be doing that instead of typing this, but it's brain dump time. Either way, I respect reviewers like Jim Sterling just a smidge more now.

I also wrote a review on Bellator: MMA Onslaught that seems to be drastically far from the curve. Like if I did a rating, it would be 7 or 8 or whatever on the scale. Game is at somewhere around 4 on metacritic. Nothing shakes your foundation like writing something positive of a game that people have ripped apart.

Opinions, that's why we have them right?

Real quick articles I've written that I like segment. I'm a shameless whore, you should know that by now. You don't have to read them though, I won't ask you that. Also apologies that this is actually longer than normal, but it's been a while.

Why do we need Final Fantasy VII HD? (Controversy!)
10 XBLIG Devs You Should Know Knutaf approved
Spotlight: No Name Losers (Obligatory H-Game post)
Future Diary: The Trial of the Father (an entire anime series broken down for my amusement)
You Don't Deserve Forgiveness (AKA Why Bison beats shonen villains)

Sorry again. Now for more words.

I was planning on getting a women in games article up, and almost completed one to the liking of other women, yet I stalled (IE gave up). Sex seems to be a hard thing for me to write. Everybody's preference is just that. You can easily write something stupid on something like this and it all starts at the talks of penis and vagina.

It's a natural thing, yet we have this unnatural predisposition to judge things purely on the physical. I wish I could just write something stupid and get this out, but no. Maybe I'll get a move on with this someday in the future.

I was reading HardcoreGaming101's write up on Operation Darkness and it raises a lot of points that I raised here on dtoid back when I was just a boy with a dream. That game was torn apart by people that didn't really get the game. This review is actually pretty well done, but ultimately flawed by one annoying element.

Monster closets. That's the term right? Monster closet? When monsters just appear out of nowhere once a goal is reached?

Well whatever, this game has it in droves. That's understandable in FPS's, but to have enemies magically appear out of nowhere is the exact opposite of "strategy." That's a big issue that they just skimmed over annoyingly.

The game isn't rosy, but for a pre-Valkyria Chronicles 3D strategy game? Pretty good.

The Olympics are going on and I just couldn't care less about watching them. I know that's horrible to say, and I really do feel bad about not supporting our athletes, but as a small business owner I can't justify this.

Did you know there are police officers with an explicit purpose of monitoring trademark infringement on businesses? Now you might think that's fine with businesses not allowed to run around and use the Olympic designs illicitly. Heck, I even think that should be ok.

However, to go in to businesses and request them to pull down signs that have the words "London" and "2012" is a bit crazy. Like a lot crazy. Saying that Olympic athletes can't advertise on social networking sites with their sponsors is nuts.

It's not right that people have to pay in to advertise their brands. The Olympics is supposed to be a prideful event where London citizens can celebrate the mountain of cash that they poured in to the event. It just seems the Olympics is turning to be a boost to big business in London that all others seem to pay for.

I do however read up on it indirectly with blogs and other media outlets. Good job Michael Phelps.

Also, what's up with our gray and black jackets? Is red, white and blue a bit too lame for our athletes to wear during the games?

I guess that's all I really have right now. I'm watching Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Skrull Invasion just isn't all that good. I mean really. It's such a hard thing to do in a single season. An entire universe was built around this event and you can't replicate that in a season.

Ok, that's it right now. If you have any extra cash or time this week, come support me as I spend a full day of my life on August 18th playing video games for something important.

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