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manasteel88 avatar 4:28 PM on 11.16.2009  (server time)
RetroforceGO! Episode 92: E3 09 Now in Video Form

Direct Link to the Video
The Intro

MP4 (playable on almost anything including iPods)
Download Prettier Version of Episode 92

Long story short I meant to get this done around June and while I was in the hospital when my kid was born...and what do you know those things take a lot of time/energy. Even worse...I kept getting stuck on how to make 3 minutes of talk about the new Zelda picture look interesting and then 10 minutes of footage about Scribblenauts look good using mostly stuff that was available around E3. That laziness killed about two-four months of willingness to work on it.

So finally I took a sick day and finished this video after.......4+ months. It might seem old to most of Destructoid, but I haven't played a single game in this video so it still has that fresh "do want feel" to me. Plus I figured it could help hype the holiday season for everyone.

I also finished three games this weekend. Braid, Mass Effect, and Band of Bugs. While it might not be that big of an accomplishment for some, I've been buying more games than I can play. This gave me some comfort that I'm not buying these things just to sit on my shelf (or on my harddrive). Too bad I have to play through Mass Effect 3 times to truly get everything in the game.

I wish I could be a robot that gets to go to E3.

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These should totally be on D.TV

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