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manasteel88 avatar 6:30 PM on 09.26.2008  (server time)
RetroforceGO! Episode 60: Rhythm Games Now in Video Form

Intro Direct Link
Show Direct Link

I need to apologize to coffeesash. The outro that he did had to be cut short just because I just didn't know what half the songs were. I really wanted to do them to because by the end of this episode I was just tired of f'ing rhythm games and that was something nice to end it. So I just ended it with the Gitaroo Man song since that was a pretty song to end it all.

Download the full episodes at the regular page.

Episode 60: Rhythm Games

Be sure to also check out past episodes:

Episode 27:SNES Video

Download Episode 27: SNES


Episode 32:SHMUPS Video

Episode 32: SHMUPS

I'm in the middle of doing the TG-16 Episode, but I'll probably post the Intro to the Beat-Em-Ups show first. The MP4 didn't work on Itunes (I actually downloaded it and tried to test it) so I'm trying to find a decent converter. It works on all video players I've tried it on, and I haven't tested it on PSP.

I'm probably in the future just going to convert these to an XVID .AVI format instead of WMV.

Iono...what's everybodies video preference?

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