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manasteel88 avatar 1:17 PM on 09.11.2012  (server time)
I made a game based on Darius! Judge me on it!

So, I made a visual novel for Glorious Trainwrecks' (the Pirate Kart guys) special SPAAAACE themed game jam.

Okay, it might not be a game in the traditional sense, but I have absolutely ZERO coding experience. None. So while this might not be a platformer like Yorda's Figment or a shmup like that game Tubatic made, this is something.

Since I really only know how to write, I created something that required as little coding background as possible. Fortunately, Ren'Py is tailor made for that. Since I was developing on a timeline, that also worked well for me.

The guidelines for the game jam were to create a game in 2 hours with the only rule being it had to be classic space shmup themed. This being my first go at doing real work, I extended the 2 hour rule to 2 days. The only rule is it had to be space themed, not that it had to be 2 hours long.

From the beginning, I had only one theme in mind. Take a classic shmup I've never played that also happens to have a crap back story and make it work. From there it was easy. DARIUS would be my game.

You know, the game with the giant fish bosses?

Yup that one.

So I set out to make a game based on the back story of Darius. This is what I created:

Check out my game!

It's a bit on the big side, but that's mostly because I wanted to keep going with it (still kinda do). A lot of art assets I didn't use are still in the game's folder. Sorry that makes it a bit big, but when the clock hit 12, I put the game down and uploaded it.

This shouldn't take you guys more than 10-15 minutes to get through so if anybody has any comments, please throw them at me. I'm kind of afraid that our resident shmup expert Bullet Magnet is going to tear this apart. I have a lot of things I'd like to expand on with this, but this is what I got finished while I still try and figure out why I can't get the code to work like I want on the next part.

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