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manasteel88 avatar 10:42 PM on 12.12.2009  (server time)
Hey Santa: A Holiday List

I'm a cheap ass. I don't really buy games for myself until they are bargain binned just because I have a little nagging voice telling me it could be cheaper somewhere in the future. In listening to this obnoxious little fictional person, I find myself missing out on some of the finer things in gaming as well as the excitement of new releases. Well its Christmas time (or Chanukah for my Jewish friends), the time of receiving and I figured I'd make a "8 things from 09 that I want Santa to buy because my cheap ass won't" list to coincide with both holidays (since wanting 10 presents from Santa would just be greedy). So in no particular order.

PS3 (cause its not a "Playstation 3" anymore)
I'd glady take a 1st print phat 80 gb for the Linux and the backwards compatibility but if Santa's little factory can't make it, I'll take a 160gb slim. While in recent years its been pretty easy to make fun of Sony's horrible PR for the box of Blu-ray, its a lot easier to see the system's merits when there are some good games exclusively for it. Uncharted 2 looks great and Demon's Souls intrigues the crap out of me this year as does Valkyria Chronicles, Folklore, and Disgaea 3 from years prior. All the multi-platform games intrigue me somewhat, but the games I kinda want all have additional content right now. Games like Brutal Legend has free DLC and Batman Arkham Asylum has really good exclusive bonus content. I know this is a back and forth in competition for the 360 and PS3, but all the Xbox 360's exclusive DLC were never in games I really ever wanted or owned.

Truly though, the main reason I want a PS3 this year is because Microsoft has done nothing to make me proud of my 360 this year. I would have to pay for gold to play online while allowing Chromehounds to shut its servers down and Forza Motorsport 2 (a Microsoft published game) to cancel its photo sharing. Meanwhile Sony's free online means that I'm not paying to support online services for games on its system, thus my expectations of features are only focused on the game's publisher. Though, when I buy a game for a console that is still manufacturing units, I expect all the games to operate like the back of the box tells me it should. Also, Twitter/Facebook doesn't justify Gold and neither does offering deals of the week and contests exclusively for those who pay for it. So I'm silver and not planning to upgrade anytime soon which makes Sony's free online sound pretty tempting.

If only Sony had BC for the PS3, then I would already have one with the price drop. So, Santa make it happen or at least give Kutaragi some coal for not putting backwards compatibility in! While you're at it, make sure to distribute coal all around Microsoft's gaming division this year. They've deserved it.

Brütal Legend
The Tim Schafer game that could. It looked like the perfect little action platformer with plenty of humor, and then people let oüt its an RTS. Too them I say, who cares. It's a big büdget Tim Schafer game. So what if I have to figure out how to work an RTS on a console (which üpon thinking about it might be impossible). I'll have a blast when I'm listening to some top notch writing.

It also has Jack Black playing as Jack Black in a role that seems written entirely for Jack Black (even if they say it wasn't). Not that I particularly like Jack Black, büt I just hate when voice actors don't qüite match üp with their characters (see Capcom). Its like ear poison. Putting Tim Cürry as some random güy (who cares who. Its Tim Cürry. God I love Clüe), Jack Black as Jack Eddie Riggs Black, and a bünch of rock legends as rock type people is a good idea. Add a sweet soundtrack and yoü've got a great idea. Even if its a little bit of a console RTS. The naysayers have been caüsing a bit of hesitance for me. Its the holidays however and Brütal Legend might be a nice addition nestled under the tree.

Also, ümlaüt.

UFC: Undisputed 2009
Perhaps the best demo I've played all year was UFC Undisputed 09. I personally refuse to buy any dated game, as they tend to release a sequel in similar quality with little enhancement a year later, but it doesn't mean I can't want it. Undisputed 09 was probably the most interesting fighting game I've ever tried. It took about 3 hours for me to really get into the fighter controls, which I still couldn't tell you how to set up an arm bar, but I found myself playing all of the demo instead of just glossing over it. I just wanted to figure out more of the game, which I haven't done with many of the demos I've downloaded.

I've also been into MMA after watching the third season of the Ultimate Fighter in 2006, and this just feels like a good MMA game. Not another wrestling game cash in. I know 2010 is coming out in 3 months, but even still this wouldn't be a bad game to get as a stocking stuffer.

Plus I doubt Dan Henderson's gonna be in UFC 2010 what with the move over to Strikeforce, and I'd like to set up that Bisping knockout.

Shadow Complex
I like new games. My cheap assity (see intro) hinders that, but I like games that are new. I also like old games. My cheap assity helps that (once again see intro) and bargain binning is so much fun. When games that come along feel old but look new, I get happy. Shadow Complex makes me happy. I've never been a big Metroid fan (I get lost in big empty places), but I do like Castlevania Symphony of the Night and its handheld counterparts. That's kinda weird since they are almost the same game style, but I've never been into Metroid. Shadow Complex looks like something I'd be into.

Also, its penned by Peter David who happens to write awesome comics. Which in my opinion counters crazy Orson Scott Card's homophobia. Because Peter outed Rictor, which did tick me off since I liked the Rictor/Wolfsbane relationship (Go New Mutants!), and handled it in a manner that wasn't insulting. I respected him more as a writer for not turning that into a joke. So, picking up a game he wrote was something to look forward to. Unfortunately one crazy will outweigh good peoples work on the game and I can't stand for that. Once again however 800 points has me toeing the line for downloadable game purchases. Right now I have 900 points (what can I spend 100 points on?) and I'm not spending money to get 1600 points just for shadow complex.

Stupid moon money making this too complicated. Santa please give me some moon money so I can buy this and...

Marvel vs Capcom 2
I already own the Dreamcast version. While it was easy to download and burn games to play on the dreamcast, I bought Marvel vs Capcom 2 full price shortly after it came out. It's the one game I'm proud to own in my collection. I've bought nearly all the costumes in the game without having to leave my dreamcast on in the training room. I've beaten the game more times than I can count, so I should own this.

I don't. I probably should be all over this and kicking ass on Live, but I can't justify spending another $15 when I can walk five feet to my Dreamcast and pop the disc in and play it. The online is one thing, but I'm silver so that's out the window. Plus the d-pad is beyond crap on the 360. I can get away with it for Virtua Fighter 5 (even though it took me 30 minutes to beat the dojo because of it), but I can't with anything else (especially Bionic Commando Rearmed). So I'm stuck. But if Santa happened to be in the giving mood this would be a do want.

Also, is it me or does the new art look like a deviantart knock off? They couldn't even call up Udon and ask for something?

New Super Mario Bros. Wii
I'm married and don't have many friends that game. So my in house multiplayer experience revolves around whatever I can get my wife to play for five minutes (until she's bored) or oddly enough Halo: Combat Evolved (which she loves). So I can't justify this purchase at $50 if I've got nobody to enjoy the multiplayer with me, and it being a Nintendo game means it'll be $50 for a while. However it's a 2d Mario game on a console. The first since 1992. I want it. You can see Shadow Complex for my love for new old things.

I don't own handhelds anymore since I never play them, so like many of the great JRPGs of this generation, I had to pass up New Super Mario Bros (DS). That sucks. New Super Mario Bros. Wii however is on a console and I'm dying to play it. I hate my Wii (sorry Johnathan Holmes it sucks), but its the first time in a long time that I've actually wanted a Wii game. I kinda wanted Little King's Story and Muramasa, but the rumor of Marvelous wanting to port these to the 360 killed that pretty quickly. I've also been hesitant because the two painfully generic Toads are pretty lazy. They don't even have red caps like his royal badassness Toad. I guess its not a big deal since I only own 2 wiimotes, but its always irked me.

I'm also kinda tired of 3d Mario. I hear Galaxy changed the way we thought of Mario, but I'm just tired of him running on a 3d plane. Walking in the 2nd dimension is where he looks the most natural.

Mad Catz Blanka Street Fighter IV Fight Pad
I hate the D-Pad on the 360 controller. Not because I use it a lot, but because when I need to use it, it always fails me. I have Bionic Commando Rearmed. You ever try to get an accurate grapple in that game with the D-Pad? Its the most aggravating piece of crap. That being said I want to try the Mad Catz controller. My only issue is that I don't know how it works for everything. The words "Floating D-pad" has always made me think of Hadoken spamming. That it was made to read the ↓↘→ movements instead of just a normal ↘. So I can't see myself walking into Best Buy and plopping down $40 just to see if it does a decent enough job as a controller for games that aren't fighting specific.

I've also been burned on Mad Catz controllers before and I'm wary as a shopper. The only real alternatives are the Hori pad and the Modern Warfare 2 pad which both look hideous. So I've been wary of these pads and unfortunately nothing looks to be coming to replace them. I just want to play games on a D-pad again and this looks to be the best alternative.

I just don't want buyer's remorse.

All the games I didn't get for Christmas 2008
Hey, 2008 was a good year for games. Unfortunately, there are still a few games from last year that never made it under my Christmas tree. I'll just make Santa a quick list.

Mega Man 9 - 360 D-Pad issues pop up again and I really didn't want it for my Wii.
Persona 4 - The gun to the head stuff made it hard for me to get into P3. P4 however seems made for me.
Army of Two - I haven't bought an EA game in years, but my wife might like the co-op. Or she might not
Dead Space - I don't do Horror games, but the interface just seems so cool in this.
Fallout 3 - The fact that the game was so DLC heavy turned me off. A GotY edition would be a great idea for one day of Chanukah.

If I don't get a chance to upload another blog over the next few weeks. Happy Holidays everyone.

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