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manasteel88 avatar 5:01 PM on 10.29.2011  (server time)
Halloween Raffle for Extra Life

I've won a free copy of FLOCK on PSN and I don't know what to do with it. I could use it myself, but I've been looking at Destructoid's totals for Extra Life and I want a bit more. We're just shy of $7,000 raised as a community and I want to use this code to help get us there. I know it's not much, but you all have a chance to win some more.

It's Halloween and we still need to do a little something special for the kids other than just giving them candy.

I have 4 of my teammates that didn't reach their goal of $100 and I want them to. When they do, Destructoid's totals will reach over $7,000. My goal was to raise money for children's hospitals around the world and I want to do just a bit more. Please donate to any one of the hospitals below.

Sacred Heart's Children's Hospital Washington
Currently at $28
New Orleans Children's Hospital
Currently at $58
Nationwide Children's Hospital of Ohio
Currently at $30
Primary Children's Medical Center Salt Lake City
Currently at $30

You can choose to donate Anonymously if you want.

How will the Raffle work?
Once all 4 teams reach their goal, I will send a PM with the code to the winner chosen at random. I want to do this to reward you all. More importantly however, I want to hit those goals. If we don't reach the goal the code won't be given out. I want to offer this as a reward for reaching that goal.

How to enter your username:
Just fill out the message to participant and make sure it is marked show to everyone. You can still maintain real name anonymity by choosing the "make this donation anonymously" button.

Disclaimer: If I can't figure out who you are on Dtoid through your donation, I can't promise you an entry. Make sure to leave a comment.

I just want to thank Monkey Paw Games and the Behemoth again for helping me reach my goal. Without them I couldn't be focusing on my teammates right now.

The donation period Ends November 1st at some point. If all 4 teams hit their mark, the code will be chosen on randomizer. Help us raise some money for Children's Hospitals and please spread the word wherever you can.

Click here to read what I did for the event

Why am I doing this?
Because I want to get as much money I can to help sick kids across the world. I don't care where you send the money just send it to one of the hospitals we are supporting. I'm doing this because we all need to help out. I'm only asking for whatever you can give. $1 suits me just fine. I wanted to reach our goals for this team and we came up short during the main event. While it's still open I will ask you to do anything you can to help the Destructoid Community raise funds for children's hospitals.

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