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manasteel88 avatar 5:01 PM on 09.29.2011  (server time)
A Call to Arms for the Extra Life G3 Charity Event (Help Sick Kids)

Total Amount Raised: $100
You guys are amazing!!!!

G3 is an event that Microsoft is holding together with the Children's Miracle Hospital system to raise donations for Children's Hospitals across the world. This is a very cool thing and I want to help. I have created the Destructoid Community G3 page in the hopes that Community members across the globe will sign up and participate. I want to prove once again that gamers are awesome people and raise some funds with your help.

The purpose of the team page is so that you don't have to donate to me especially. You can gather donations yourself. Create a page and join our group so we can all boast our contributions. If you want to donate through me, that's fine as well and very appreciated.

I want Dtoiders to create a page and gather donations under our community group. I know each of us can.

I'd like to offer you all a prize for being awesome people and donating but I'd rather give my money to the kiddos. There is however an Xbox Twitter contest running for you all if you want to compete for an Xbox 360 prize.

Microsoft is throwing 12 month codes for live to the first 100 or so people that raise $300. If I win, we'll have a contest here in the cblogs for all that donated. Here's the Email:

Xbox LIVE is challenging you to be one of the first 100 G3 players to reach $300 in funds raised for your local hospital. All 100 of those totally awesome players will score 12 glorious months of FREE Xbox Live Gold.

If I find any other contests, I'll definitely throw it up for you all to compete in.

How to Donate:
Find a donor under Game with these Dtoiders below. On Saturday I'll have a collected page of gamers and the hospitals they are playing for. If you want to do it today, well then please donate to these hospitals below!

manasteel88's Page
Hospital: Hasbro's Children's Hospital

HKKstudio's Page
Hospital: Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Swishiee's Page
Hospital: UC Davis Children's Hospital

You can choose to donate any amount you want Anonymously.

How To Sign Up and Raise Funds For Your Own Hospital:


Enter your information and how much you are wanting to play for.

Select your role as Join a Team and scroll to find the Destructoid Community link. Something like this:

Choose the hospital you want to support. It can be a local or international hospital. I chose some Hospital in Rhode Island because I didn't think anybody would be throwing money their way. Doesn't really matter which hospital, kids around the world need these funds.

Fill out your information and you are now a fundraiser. Good for you.

Don't Have Xbox Live Gold to Game With Us?
No worries. Microsoft is giving everyone free access to online this weekend. There will be no excuse for not gaming with your fellow Dtoiders. If you don't feel like putting your name to this, just donate and play with us.

Don't have an Xbox at all?
Doesn't matter. Create a page and get people to donate. This isn't a Charity for Xbox. This is a charity for Kids. Turn this bad boy in to a PS3 or Wii Saturday Night Fights. I'll support it in a main post on Saturday.

Strapped for Cash?
Just spread the word. I'm asking you personally for a donation, but I'll gladly take some advertising to get people more involved. Tweet it or even Retweet it. Make this a thing.

Game with these Dtoiders
I'm going to update this list all week/weekend long for the games that the community will play and the personal lists they have created. If anybody wants to join this, post in the comments with the link of your own page. If you see a game you like from one of these people, join in and help them have a good time.

manasteel88's Donation Page
Gamertag: manasteel88
Hospital: Hasbro's Children's Hospital
Games Planned for Saturday: X-Men, UFC Undisputed 09, Virtua Fighter 5, BlazBlue, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Gears of War.

HKKstudios Donation Page
Gamertag: STFUninja
Hospital: Connecticut Children's Medical Center
Games Planned for Saturday: Gears of War and Virtua Fighter 5

Swishiee's Donation Page
Gamertag: Swishiee
Hospital: UC Davis Children's Hospital
Games Planned for Saturday: Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Gears of War 3

Not American and want to help?
This is not limited to American hospitals. Australian, European, and Canadian hospitals are all represented by this organization. Money is converted and donated in American Dollars, but money will still be going directly to these hospitals. So please sign up and help lend international support to this. This is all about children, no matter where they are on the planet.

When do we play?
We will be gaming all Saturday so please join us. If you plan on gaming at all on Saturday, October 1. Sign up and gather donations for a hospital. Donations are live right now and will run until the end of this weekend so I do encourage you to participate. I've contacted Mr Andy Dixon to see if FNF could partially sponsor this as well.

Already registered and want to join Team Destructoid?
That's great! If you signed up as an individual during registration but would like to join a team now, please email [email protected] Make sure to include your name, email address and the name of the team you would like to join (Destructoid Community).

Don't feel like supporting this?
Support the Humble Bundle right now. Leave your name as Destructoid Community instead of anonymous. All I ask is that you decide to support sick kids this weekend. That's it.

If you do feel like supporting this, just not us, then buy an avatar item. Search for G3 during the event Saturday and buy these shirts. It'll go to the kiddies.

Destructoid Group Page

About G3

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