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I am here because my husband loves this site. He is KyleGamgee if anyone is familiar. I am not a hardcore gamer but I do love to try stuff out and so far my favorite is Fable. I can't wait for Fable 2. We own a Halo 3 Edition XBox 360, a PS2, a Wii, and some old school systems (including a top loading NES!). Its part of our life and I love being the kind of wife who plays with her husband and you can take that however you want...
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So they are making a Prince of Persia Movie. And rumor has it that someone wildly inappropriate has been cast as the Prince. Wanna know who? Jake Gyllenhaal. That's right. White boy, gay cowboy (*tear* Heath Ledger), Bubble Boy Jake Gyllenhaal. I have 3 words for anyone who thinks this is a good idea: ARE YOU CRAZY?
Ok, I am going to say this. He is a WHITE boy. The Prince of Persia is not. For anyone not in the know, Persia is now known as the Isalmic Republic of Iran. That's right, its Iran. Which would make the Prince of Persia middle eastern. Not white.
Now I don't know off hand of any Iranian actors, but I am sure they exist. Hell, visually someone from Bollywood would be a better match. (I am NOT comfusing the 2 cultures, I know they are worlds apart.)
But under no sun, on any earth, or in any dimension would Jake Gyllenhall be easy to confuse with someone from Iran. I have not ever played the games. But hubby is a huge fan, from all the way back to the original old school one. So I have watched him play and beat all the games. So I do have an opinion on casting of the movie.
Personally, if you are going to use someone who has a name, I would go with Kal Penn. Although I think this is a huge opportunity for an unknown. But please for the love of good movies, don't cast Jake Gyllenhaal. Remember, he was Bubble Boy.

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