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I am here because my husband loves this site. He is KyleGamgee if anyone is familiar. I am not a hardcore gamer but I do love to try stuff out and so far my favorite is Fable. I can't wait for Fable 2. We own a Halo 3 Edition XBox 360, a PS2, a Wii, and some old school systems (including a top loading NES!). Its part of our life and I love being the kind of wife who plays with her husband and you can take that however you want...
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4:18 PM on 07.10.2008

What does it mean to be a pirate in this day and age? What does one have to do? Evidently, today's pirates are more techno-savvy than their counterparts of old. Pirating today mean music, movies, and video games.
I know that there are still pirates out at sea too. They pillage and plunder the good old fashioned way (although I do think the violation of wenches has falling to the wayside, which frankly is a practice that could use some reviving). However, instead of stealing food, spices, and treasure, they now take electronics, military grade weapons, and well ok, they still take treasure.
But back to my techno-savvy pirates. We have begun to hangout more with the Dtoid LA crew "gamers", one of our new friends said to me, "I need to teach you guys how to pirate". That got me thinking, how do I feel about that?
On one hand, we spend plenty of money on all of the above mention media that is all way too over-priced and maybe pirating one or two things isn't so bad. On the other hand, its stealing which is always bad and two wrongs don't make a right.
Plus, if I start to pirate, I'll have to start wearing that eye patch thingy and talking weird, and that could be really uncomfortable for everyone. However, I could gain access to all sorts of electronic treasure which would be awesome since I don't have tons of money.
Maybe I'll compromise and just wear the sexy outfits, keep my pillaging in my bedroom and only play stuff that people send to me.
On a side note: Pirates and ninjas have been "enemies" for some time now. Although I have to say that Kyle and I try to unite the two worlds. Kyle leans more towards the ninja lifestyle, while I have always identified with pirates. Pirates are just sexier I think. There is that primal sort of appeal where they just take what they want. Ninjas just assassinate everything they come across, what fun is that?

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