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4:20 PM on 04.04.2011

Pokemon tower defense game!

Reciently I've entered a lot to newgrounds and luckily I found this awesome game
If your'e a pokemon fan and like the tower defense games, this game was made for you!

-It actualizes every week
-it uses the pokemon sprites from HG/SS
-FR/LG background
-also an ipod version

you can play it here   read

12:15 PM on 09.11.2010

My Halo:Reach Odissey

this is a story of how i got halo reach before september 14th of 2010 so if your'e not interested on people's experiences please leave now

it all started on my school with my friends talking about halo because we use to play a lot of halo together and the dat before that one I saw on destructoid that they were developing the halo reach, so I told my friends about it, of course, they didn't believed me until they saw it with their eyes so since then we couldn't stop talking about it and we were like: "Oooooh I want september 14th to get!" because all of us played the beta version either tough we didn't had halo 3:ODST but that didn't stopped us and we went to Blockbuster to rent the game just for that then after the beta, months turned into weeks, weeks turned into days and a week away from reach I got a call from my friend saying: "dude, i'm in the bazaar! because in the "Lomas Verdes bazaar" of Mexico city (that's where I live) they got games usually two days before the release of the game but in this occasion they got it a lot before, so I grabbed my money and went to the bazaar and buyed the game, oh god I was so happy! now I play halo:reach everyday with mi pal and other one that also buyed it at the bazaar

Halo:Reach falls september 14th 2010
Halo:Reach falled in my house september 09th 2010   read

2:04 PM on 08.22.2009

moustaches are all but you have to learn how to use them !!!!!!!

(this is the second part of my first posting "if he would only had a moustache :(" )

as i was saying in my last post without moustache you are nothing but some people think that with just having a moustache you are the best of all that's what happened to hitler he tought " ah I have a wierd moustache!! I'm the best hahahahah!!! " and we all know how it ended his stuff , not so good I guess... but he is not the only one with a bad moustache.

now the list of "bad moustaches that dishonor good moustaches"

#1,-Dr. Eggman
his moustache is horrible!!!! It looks like a cactus I bet he never had a girlfriend , that moustache kreeps me out and that's why he always loose , it doesn't matter how many robots he build , he can't give the best of him because of the moustache bad selection pal.

#2,-Dr. Willy
the same mistake , but a little diferent , your moustache is not well cared give him a little of love and see how thigs change you are so in with the android stuff that you forget what's really important , the moustache!!! I mean conquer the world is not as important like taking care of your hairy friend , take care of it and then you do whatever you want

It doesn't matter if you change your hair , skin color , age , or suit , that moustache is too tiny ! how could you think in going to that capsule now you can take care of your moustache but no one will ever see it because of your stupid action , I only have 3 words for you "think then act"

with that moustache you can work in a circus , you will never beat mario's moustache but the good thing is that you noticed it quickly and you have your minigame game with your wierd friends (and I'm not saying I don't like Wario games) if you change your greed for moustache care you will earn more money ;)

fortunatley there are few who don't know how to use moustache but always remember this "not so big , not so tiny and not so hairy"

hope you like it

P.S:Kiss the Moleman!!!!   read

9:01 PM on 08.20.2009

if he would only had a moustache :(

Ah! moustaches , makes the world go hairy. life without them would be so empty and cold and like for us moustaches are esesntial in videogames also . What would of be of mario bros. without their moustaches , or of Duster (for all of those who played Mother 3) would he been able to be a thief and save Nowhere Islands? (with the company of his friends) or if Dr.Freeman (from Half-Life series) would of shave he wouldn't stop all those zombies and aliens , or if the Melichor (from Chrono Trigger) wouldn't had the moustache , would he help the crono group ? the answer is a big NO!

why does every bad guy loose?
they don't had moustaches !!!!!!!
now the "if they would only had a moustache" list

#1,- Bowser
as we know there are more than 100 games of mario bros. and almost in everyone Bowser is the antagonist and he looses always , why? because he doesn't has a moustache , sorry.

really cool boss but no moustache!!! , it doesn't matter how much dimensions or bad guys you make or contrat if you don't have a moustache evrything goes to the dump , and for next time get some smart people to help you , bad luck gygas :(

it doesn't matter if you manipule people for your benefit or if you absorb energy from the earth for 65,001,999 years but if you forget the moustache you just wasted 65,001,999 years of your life , it could of been a well wasted life if you would of had a moustache. (i have to admit that without moustache its quite hard)

it doesn't matter if you are a men or a women , if you wanna be strong you need moustache but grunty didn't learn that lession and she had 11 years to get herself a moustache but what did she got ?? a vehicle! in all that time she could of let the moustache then spiral mountain would of been hers , poor grunty

poor ganondorf , you don't understand that the barb is nothing without the moustache?!?!?!?!?!? you tried like 6 times to beat link and no moustache , you could of beat link since the 1st time but noooooo you prefer to be a fat ass pig !!!! I feel sorry for you

ah ridley appears in every metroid game samus's nemesis but it does'nt matter if he fights samus lots of times you are a reptile !! you don't even have hair and that's bad if i would of been ridley , i would of give up at the first try because with no hair =no moustache that's why dinosaurs got extinguished

(I didn't put them in order , I just putted what it came to my mind and it's also my first posting , but if you like it good for you )

wait for the next one ;)

P.S: Kiss the moleman!!!   read

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