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3:31 PM on 12.04.2007

Things I wanted to do when I grew up.

I know you're thinking what does this have to do with video games, and I say to you PLENTY SIR. There are times in a man's life when he thinks of all the great things he'd love to do with his life,and I'm about to tell you mine dear friends.

At the tender age of 8 I wanted to be Batman. So I collected Batman action figures. At 10 I moved up in the world and wanted to be in a band, So I Collected cds, But I soon noticed I sucked balls at making music, So At 14 I Decided to make Video games. But not just any game, I wanted to make RPGs. So I began Collecting the Great RPGs of the playstation era and before. I created a list and searched Bargin bins for calssic hard to find titles, and soon I had amassed a giant horde of rpgs.

What game was my first rpg that sucked me in you ask. Well I'll tell you Breath of Fire III.
I loved this game and after defeating the goddess I got BOF and BOF II , and in simular fashion I destroyed them. Soon after I waited on pins and needles for BOF 4 Which i preordered from and got the first day it came out. I played it non-stop beat it and loved it. So when I heard about Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter for ps2 I got excited i preordered it and when it came out I got it , came home and vomited.

It sucked. Vast amount of awesome characters: Gone. Long intriguing story: gone. Any Form of rpg awesomness: Gone. That day my childhood died and I vowed to only play RPGS from before this new era of graphics and asshole eating.

Because to me what makes a RPG great is not graphics it's STORY. All a great RPG needed was 2-d graphics and a awesome story. Game companies have seemingly forgot what the word story means and put all their effort into "graphics". This Saddens me, So to heal the pain I Will bring back into view the great RPGs of generations past.

So.....My question for you guys is what game to start with?:
2.Secret of mana
3.Breath of Fire 3
5.Crono Trigger
666.Your own Suggestion (keep it 2-d and no final fantasy bs if you want to read about a final fantasy game goto one of the 400 million FF fan sites and read some yuffie fan fics)   read

5:28 AM on 09.09.2007


Well with all the updates for the upcoming smash bros being released like hot cakes: One of my Top characters I wanna see in a fighting game has come true!!!

Thats right #6 Sunshine style Mario (Well technically its not a new character) But hey i personally think its sweet as hell


Now if I can just get Little Mac I'll kiss Nintendo's Wii >_0*wink*   read

7:18 PM on 09.02.2007

Characters you'd like to see in a fighting game.

We all know that with the hype about smash bros brawl; that everyone <3's cross genre characters in fighting games.I means why else would anyone play all three of the soul calibers.Well heres a brief top 10 list of characters id like to see in a smash bros or likewise game.

1.Any punchout character
It's beyond me why nintendo abandoned this franchise the last installment in super nintendo days and then never again. Who would'nt want to use little mac on the Wii?

2.Earthworm Jim
Another lost franchise. I loved these games in the snes era and its about time hes revived.A gun ,that blob thing for a grappling hook he would be perfect in a fighter like smash bros.

3.Mega man
I just like this motherfucker; and would love to blast mario with him.

While hes a sony character. He is still awesome, and I'd like to see him battling it out in a game that didnt suck balls.

With rayman raving rabbits on the Wii; I dont think it's a real bid deal to get him in smash bros.

6.Luigi Luigi's mansion style/Mario Mario sunshine style
The vaccum/water pump would be awesome features.

7.contra dudes
don't really know their names but theyd still rock as characters.

8.koopa kids
these guys were cool in smb 3. why not now?

ninjas kick ass.

10.the mage from final fantasy
Why the hell not?

So what are your picks?   read

7:42 AM on 08.31.2007

OH! GREAT Air Gear & kanye west

With this new post I gotta say. I was in A period of extreme boredom so I decided to read air gear; up to whats currently available.I choose air gear since it's by Oh! Great; my favorite mangaka art wise.I find him to be fanastic, but needless to say he always starts a good story; and makes it so complicated it makes less and less sense as it goes by. Case and point Tenjou Tenge; his first seralized manga; that wasnt hentai, well not straight out hentai; and while it still comes out, and I still read it the story is lost to me somewhere in the 80's chapterwise, and now with Air Gear I can see this may happen again. *sigh* well at least the pictures are still pretty ^_^

on a side note graduation by kanye west sorta blows. Aside from stronger and cant tell me nothing

on another side note check out a cd that wont suck >_<


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