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After today with all the Nintendo announcements I just had to say something and I was thinking on saying this in a segment on Failcast but I haven’t blogged in a while and I want to say this now. I come home today to read the blogs and new sites to see what happened today. First, I see Punch Out!! and Chad’s overly excited blog, this is before I clicked play on the video, and I do “Hey I like Punch Out!! and I want to see what new things they did with the new game.”

Then I click play and I see the NES game on my screen with new graphics. This made me a little angry, not full anger but slight anger. I like old Punch Out!! but that was on the NES, OVER 20 YEARS AGO! I love Megaman 9 and Bionic Commando but those are small downloads and those weren’t the “huge” announcement everyone was waiting for, it was just a really cool surprise. This is just first looks and I haven’t seen more than you people so no final judgment but I can play the original on my Wii for less than fifty bucks (not to mention that they will put a random piece of plastic for the game).

There is a reason I haven’t played my brown dusted Wii for a long time, it is because there isn’t something that interests me and this doesn’t interest me, unless Nintendo adds some “crazy” new feature to the game that lets me play a different game.

I need to actually move on before this is a wall of text that no one reads so with no introduction Sins & Punishment 2, which if you know me well you would know that the first game is amazing even though I played it last year I loved it. Like one of mine favorite games of last year but this sequel is not what I had in mine for a sequel. It is smart for Nintendo to make this game now but just look at it, the game is about an elementary school kid with a flying backpack fighting evil.

That sounds like a horrible Saturday mourning cartoon in the game that people should be excited for. This brings up a point that Nintendo is a slave of the past and is thinking of ways to do the same things they did 20 years ago in this day and age. Retro people will probably say to this, “But games were so much better back then” I think the exact opposite to this but I don’t think even now is that much better but another thing for another day.

To close I have to say that I am giving these two games and the others announced chances to win me over but these are just my opinions on what everyone saw but I just had ramble on for a bit. The new DS gets me pissed for the same reason people who buy things from Apple get pissed off. That is actually my bad for not reading the signs but I had to play FF4 (darn I am rambling more).

If you disagree with me state why and I will update this blog with feedback and if you agree with me then cooooool.

Madninja AWAY…..

In response with jackal27:

I said that these are initial impressions from what everyone saw but it looks like no effort was made in showing the public something new, something that isn't 20 years old. Also The scope of Sin & Punishment 2 is larger because of the hardware but Nintendo doesn't use any new things to advance the game. The new DS is awesome but it makes me mad because I just bought a new one so that is why I am angry just angry with myself.

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