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madninja avatar 1:46 AM on 07.08.2008  (server time)
Mega64 Panel of Doom: The story of a generation

In a mystical land of Los Angeles there was a gathering of nerds, geeks and otakus. Most people call this gathering of Neanderthals but to the people inside the gathering call it Anime Expo. I have been going to this event for three years now and yes I am a Weeaboo but I go to this convention for one reason only Mega fucking 64. I did get some awesome shit at the conventions but the panel is always a highlight for me because I have been sitting in the same seat for all of those three years. Even though the number of people going to the panel increases from year to year, the area the convention is at changes each year but I still get the same spot.

Enough about me lets get to the panel, which I wait two and a half hours and I was the front of the line. Everybody could feel the anticipation in the room (that was the size of an airport hanger) waiting for the panel. I knew there was going to be an amazing rave at the beginning of the panel and crazy costumes everywhere and man it was pretty awesome. They all came out with outrageous costumes like every year; Shawn as Assassin’s Greed, Derek as I forgot but he looks like the King of the Lumberjacks but Rocco’s costumes as you saw in the header image of this post he was Time Kid in a diaper.

After the crazy rave party, the crew gets on stage and they start with an introduction video that showed off some old and new videos like Assassin’s Creed video which is funnier with a live audience of people and the new videos which just make fun of people who suggest scenes they should do. I won’t spoil those scenes for you because the act of surprise is the funniest part of their videos. The other videos I will talk about.

The next video is a video of the guys during that took place last year where they had their old costumes from last year Anime Expo and they went around crashing all of these cosplayerz taking pictures and it was amazing. I could spend all these videos but that wouldn’t be funny so I will go over the news that they went over.

First, news for you British folks, Mega64 is airing episodes of Versions 1 and 2 on Skynet. That is right, Mega64 is actually going to air their show that was made for Public Access is actually airing on a actual cable provider. Too bad it is in the UK but it is a start.

Next piece of news and this is pretty awesome. The is going to be a new DVD that is exclusive to the conventions they are going to like Comic Con (which I will be going to) and PAX (which will be kick ass). The DVD will have revolutionary technology like Mega64 Time with its picture frame technology but this is even more mind-blowing. You ready for it, the box has a scent. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! But not any ordinary scent, it smells like freshly baked cinnamon buns. The DVD will include all of the Marcus’ Corners and much much more.

The guys showed more videos, including the second greatest movie in the world The Bookstore which they have shown for the past three years but are still funny each time. Afterwards they had a Q&A but most of the questions were either facepalm worthy or hilarious because they were so bad. The most memorable person to ask a question was a poor little man who was unfortunately dressed up as Lucario from the hit game Pokeman Pearl or Diamond. It was just the fact that this kid look scared shitless but Eric, who is a friend of the crew and was videotaping the whole thing, goes up to the kid and says very loudly “What the hell are you?” I lost it when he said this, everybody lost it when he said that. It was amazing and I hope they put it on some DVD in the future.

The rest of the panel went by, Phist called me fifty times during the panel which was hard to ignore and I had a great time at the panel. I can’t wait to see these guys at Comic Con and PAX and I hope you guys reading this get to see them soon too.

And I know Frank is on Dtoid and just to tell you I was two seats to your right in the front row.

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