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Hey Dtoiders!!! I am your resident ninja who talks about things that are awesome. So not WoW, wait a minute.

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I am just going to jump right on into this. Also doing this because I haven't made a blog post in a really long time.

10. I am younger than you think I am

I decided to start off my list with the thing that kind of makes me unique as a community member, which is my age. I won't say what my age is exactly and only a few know my real age but if you really want to know you can look for the clues. This doesn't mean I haven't played the NES or systems before my time. I have a lot of older cousins who love to give me their old stuff and the NES was one of them.

9. The first game I remember playing is Pokemon Blue

I said before I had an NES and other games systems before my time and I played games on it but the first game I fully remember playing is Pokemon Blue for the Gameboy. I played the living crap out of this game, over 150 hours, and this game started my love for games. I can remember all of my Pokemons' levels, their moves, and which order I will use them. I would take notes from the TV show and I was consumed by everything Pokemon.

8. Games helped me become one of the smartest kids in my grade

Before I really got into games I was a B average student which isn't bad but for some reason when I started really following games I became an all A student. So whenever a teacher or I hear someone saying games make kids stupid, I just say that I somehow became smarter with games.

7. I love movies just as much as I love games

And let me say, I love games so much but movies are also on my lists of loves. I am the type of guy who actually likes most of the Oscar nominations for best movie. I am the guy who doesn't like some big brainless action movies. I love movies and I am working to become a director after school.

6. I lurked on Dtoid for about a year

So technically I am an old person here because I lurked on Dtoid a couple months after the site started but didn't join for a good amount of time. I don't even know why I joined but something told me joining would be really cool and guess what, I am glad I listened to that voice.

5. I have never played a MMO

And I never will.

4. I am into theater at my school

The reason I am into theater is not because I am bad at sports because I am not like most gamers and I don't have butterfingers (sorry Niero). I am in theater because my school doesn't have a film program so this is the only why I can direct besides doing it on my own time.

3. Most of my friends know the people in Vent, by name

I tell stories to my friends a lot from either my own experiences or from people I know. Vent is in the category of people I know and most of my friends know about Yashoki, Phist, Puppet and other regulars from Vent.

2. I spend more time with games than I do with my friends

This is kind of sad when I think about it and it's not like I am anit-social and don't have friends, it is just that I play games a lot. My friends know that during the winter season they won't see me much because between school and games, I don't have much time.

Finally number 1, I love Destructoid

I love the people here, and everything I do with the community is awesome. From PAX to CES to anything that happens in the future. I love it all, and when I can just hang out with Dtoid members and not talk about games is awesome.

That is my list, ugh this took a long time to write but it is worth it. See you next time guys!

Madninja away............

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