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Next-Gen: Spreading the love

Upon seeing this topic the all too obvious choice for what to write about was the repetitiveness and saminess that exists in the current generation of console but rather than complain about whatís wrong I want to discuss so...


Dreaming: A great Record of Agarest War

Iíve chosen to do this topic on a relatively obscure game that due to an overemphasis on sexiness in the trailers ended up giving the wrong impression about gameplay and turned off quite a few people from the game out of sh...


Labor Day: Uncharted Frustration

I know choosing to call this game work as opposed to play will likely turn me into a pariah on this site but I canít help but for me the one game that felt more like work than like play is Uncharted: Drakeís Fortune. I like...


East vs. West: Risks and Rewards

When discussing eastern vs. western game development it is easy to get into an argument about whether JRPGs are on the decline and if so why or why we see so many generic FPS games coming from the west and comparing quality...


Aaamaazing: Going from evil to honorable

For this monthís monthly musings I decided to write on a specific cutscene of a specific game that has become one of my all time favorites and it isnít the death of aeris despite the obvious setup. Instead I...


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