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1:57 PM on 03.15.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming Rig

I know it doesn't look like much, but it makes a mean hot dog. I'm not really sure of the specs, i think its got a few quad cores, maybe some giga-flops. Honestly i'm pretty sure this thing has more power than the turning point rig. Still it would be nice to have backup rig in case this one ever breaks down.   read

12:44 PM on 12.29.2007


Anyways, now thats out of the way, i called microsoft today about a disc unreadable error i keep getting with assassins creed and oblivion. This sometimes happens randomly depending on how my xbox is feeling this day. Today i'm playing AC and i decide that i'm sick of this bullshit and i decide to call microsoft.

I had called them once before about the same issue, and it seemed to have been fixed for the most part. The person who helped me out was extremely friendly and had set me up for a free repair and such.

I call today and they say that my warranty was out of date and that they had to charge me 100 bucks to fix the drive. I told them that because the problem was never fixed before that they should honour their previous repair. They told me that they were "sorry i felt that way" and said that the repair was still 100 dollars. I told them to go fuck themselves, they have horrible customer service and that they should really take an example from nintendo's absolutely exceptional customer service.

(in the recent past one of the buttons on my DS stopped working. I called them, they SENT ME A NEW DS, i take the new ds out of the box, put my old DS in the box, and send it back. From there they gave me an additional 2 year warranty on my new one)

So fellow dtoiders all i have to say is FUCK XBOX, PC GAMING FOR LYFE!   read

10:39 PM on 12.22.2007

More TF2 Greifing...

New roomba video... added yesterday... seems pretty decent
[embed]60987:6216[/embed]   read

9:23 AM on 11.13.2007

What was the link to that rickroll that jumps around your screen?

anyone still got it? i need it pretty bad   read

1:39 AM on 11.04.2007

Halp Guyz My peanut butta jar iz almost empty...

plzplzplz pray for me, i'm almost out of penut butter and my sandwich won't be complete without it. I need dtoid's support.

Also here is a pic of me


2:14 PM on 10.29.2007

Anyone got a blackcats account they wanna lend?

yo guys i need some beta keyz. Jk but if anyone would let me borrow a blackcats account that would be awesome. also if anyone needs a demonoid account now is the time to ask   read

3:12 PM on 10.23.2007

Games that COULD have been awesome: Reboot(ps1)

Iím really not sure how many people actually tried this game. But for a ps1 game is was mediocre. Then again, everyone and their mother had their own official ps1 game.

In Reboot, the main gameplay was to play as bob and fly around on a zipboard while finishing basic timed tasks, such as go get that key to get to the next level, or go mend that tare (with glitch FTW). The weapons system would include a blaster gun (which I have no idea where bob got that, because for the first 2 seasons I never saw a single gun in the entire game. Also, glitch would also carry a few different powerups that could be used if you had enough ammo for it. When you werenít doing arbitrary tasks on a time limit, you would be watching cinematics that actually look like they were made just for the game (which is pretty cool).

<whereíd he get that thing!?!>

So what? This sounds like an average ps1 game, whats wrong?í

The problems - how to maybe fix it

1. Walking: inexistent
The main problem was not the gameplay objective or the weapons (they were actually kind of cool). The main problem was that you cant get off your zip board! EVER! The game didnít make walking in any way. Anyways if they added the ability to switch between zip board and walking so you could do other things, like walk into dots diner, maybe interact with reboot world.

2. The infamous Reboot game cubes: disappointing
Alright so I believe there is 1 game cube throughout the entire game, and It couldnít be anymore disappointing. Bob does not get a different costume, and the actual world looks no different then outside of the actual cube! The only thing that makes you know that this IS a purple thing dropping from the sky in the cinematic and the fact that a FEW enemies have little costumes on

3. Too far from the actual show
If they just made the plot of the game megabyte making some superweapon and the reboot gang trying to stop him, it would work a lot better. I thinks thatís what they tried to go for, but instead, you go through everywhere from lost angles to the dump/junkyard? You eventually end up fighting megabyte, but you donít really know why?

4.Not enough this guy!
Lets face it, if this guy was 40 feet tall, and you got to fight him, the game would almost be worth it.

5. Made By EA when they still used that writing, u know what Iím talking about

The last problem I really have to put out there is that this game wasnít even bad enough to be funny! It actually looked like EA tried to make this game good, and just failed horribly (hmm sounds like a trend with EA).   read

9:44 AM on 10.22.2007

Confirmed for Brawl: Penises in Pictochat!!?

Pictochat is apparently the new level in super smash bros, by the looks of the pictures, it seems like it will actually be a pretty fun level. Also the pictochat drawings look pretty accurate to the real thing! (especially the 3rd one)

**EDIT**, i just got this right after posting

11:30 AM on 10.21.2007

Stupid Steam Hijackers....

SUMMARY: guy named "vac moderator" adds me to friends list and says i'm getting hacked. He asks for my steam id and password so he can "generate" my account.

Well theres the whole chat if you wanna read it. i especially like the ending... Bottom line is watch out for this guy, apparently he added yashoki too. I already reported him to valve, i really hope the guy gets banned.

"Call from (Vac) Moderator started.
(Vac) Moderator: Hello how are you? We were told to contact you through steam friend network..Your account is set to be vac banned and hacked which means you will no longer have an steam account.Someone is hacking your account and will be done within hours the safest way to contact you was on here.The only way you can keep your account is if I generate it which means to renew and protect from hackers..Shall i generate your account
Call with (Vac) Moderator ended.
mackisawesome: hello?
mackisawesome: hello?
(Vac) Moderator: Your account will be gone within hours sir.
mackisawesome: mmmm hmmm
mackisawesome: and why is that
(Vac) Moderator: Your account is set to be vac banned and hacked which means you will no longer have an steam account.Someone is hacking your account and will be done within hours the safest way to contact you was on here.The only way you can keep your account is if I generate it which means to renew and protect from hackers
mackisawesome: and how do you do that
mackisawesome: ?
(Vac) Moderator: I will need your account ID and Password fail to do so will have your account hacked and banned.
mackisawesome: lmfao
mackisawesome: moron
mackisawesome: well anyways, if you REALLLY wanna get my username and password...
mackisawesome: e-mail me
mackisawesome: or if you ARE a vac mod, why dont you just reset my password?
(Vac) Moderator: Because the program the person has set your information to unknown that what shows up on our data
mackisawesome: hmmm, my steam settings say VAC Status: In good standing
(Vac) Moderator: Yes but in our data your email and info and username says unknown you are not vac banned just yet..
(Vac) Moderator: and your account will be gone..
mackisawesome: man u are seriously a moron
mackisawesome: like actually soo stupid
(Vac) Moderator: Shall i give you our number
mackisawesome: yeah that might be a better idea
(Vac) Moderator: thats the only proof i can give you.
mackisawesome: or maybe even better, link me to a part of the steam website that has your number on it
(Vac) Moderator: Telephone:
(Vac) Moderator: Our number is not on any site.
mackisawesome: thne your probably not part of steam at all then
mackisawesome: honestly i've actually had my account hacked before
(Vac) Moderator: Just call please.
mackisawesome: and the actual steam mods reset it
mackisawesome: i'm not falling for this give me your password bullsit
(Vac) Moderator: Yes but this is an differnt situation.
(Vac) Moderator:
mackisawesome: and who am i speaking to right now?
(Vac) Moderator: Sam
mackisawesome: sam who
(Vac) Moderator: Wilkins.
(Vac) Moderator: Shall i generate it or not
mackisawesome: go ahead, but your not getting my password over steam chat
(Vac) Moderator: I cannot send email sir.
mackisawesome: there is no proof here that your not some guy just trying to get my account
(Vac) Moderator: YOu know what im no longer helping you have it your way goodbye enjoy the rest of your 19 hour account until its deleted goodbye smart ass.
mackisawesome: whats your extension on that phone number you gave me
(Vac) Moderator: 425-889-9642
(Vac) Moderator: type it in google or something.
mackisawesome: i called the number
mackisawesome: and i need your extension to speak with you
(Vac) Moderator: Yes it ask to send an email
(Vac) Moderator: I cannot do it because of our safty people make programs that can hack things by voice ativating
mackisawesome: excuse me
mackisawesome: you told me to callyou
mackisawesome: and i did
mackisawesome: now what is your extension
(Vac) Moderator: I gave you proof saying thats an real number goodbye.
(Vac) Moderator: the reason why we contacted you on here is because its the safest way.
mackisawesome: lol i'm gonna get your account banned
mackisawesome: i'm saving this chat
(Vac) Moderator is now Offline."   read

10:18 AM on 10.19.2007


Its my birthday!



1:14 PM on 10.18.2007


and i'm only the 9001th person to post this.   read

4:00 PM on 10.17.2007

Samorost - Unique, artistic, flash game reminding me of the neverhood.

If you havn't already tried samorost-1 and samorost-2, please go and try them right now. Pretty much its just a point, and click puzzlish flash game where the object of each level is to transport your little trippy man from one screen to the other.

Its unique, mellow artistic touch makes this game not only relaxing, but it brings me back to the good old times of 2D puzzle adventures of the 90's.

Also, the puzzles arent too hard that you shouldn't ever get too stuck, but alot of them are strange and humourous too.

Also it reminds me of another game i really loved.

Anyways in Conclusion, if you havn't tried Samarost, enjoy.



If you have played samarost, go re play your favourite 90's adventure game. Then go get angry when they tried to make it 3D and failed. (cough... cough... monkey island)   read

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