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Not my Turning Point gaming Rig

I know it doesn't look like much, but it makes a mean hot dog. I'm not really sure of the specs, i think its got a few quad cores, maybe some giga-flops. Honestly i'm pretty sure this thing has more power than the turning point rig. Still it would be nice to have backup rig in case this one ever breaks down.



Anyways, now thats out of the way, i called microsoft today about a disc unreadable error i keep getting with assassins creed and oblivion. This sometimes happens randomly depending on how my xbox is feeling this day. Toda...


Confirmed for Brawl: Penises in Pictochat!!?

Pictochat is apparently the new level in super smash bros, by the looks of the pictures, it seems like it will actually be a pretty fun level. Also the pictochat drawings look pretty accurate to the real thing! (especially the 3rd one) **EDIT**, i just got this right after posting


Stupid Steam Hijackers....

SUMMARY: guy named "vac moderator" adds me to friends list and says i'm getting hacked. He asks for my steam id and password so he can "generate" my account. Well theres the whole chat if you wanna read it. i especially l...


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