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I know it doesn't look like much, but it makes a mean hot dog. I'm not really sure of the specs, i think its got a few quad cores, maybe some giga-flops. Honestly i'm pretty sure this thing has more power than the turning point rig. Still it would be nice to have backup rig in case this one ever breaks down.

12:44 PM on 12.29.2007

Anyways, now thats out of the way, i called microsoft today about a disc unreadable error i keep getting with assassins creed and oblivion. This sometimes happens randomly depending on how my xbox is feeling this day. Today i'm playing AC and i decide that i'm sick of this bullshit and i decide to call microsoft.

I had called them once before about the same issue, and it seemed to have been fixed for the most part. The person who helped me out was extremely friendly and had set me up for a free repair and such.

I call today and they say that my warranty was out of date and that they had to charge me 100 bucks to fix the drive. I told them that because the problem was never fixed before that they should honour their previous repair. They told me that they were "sorry i felt that way" and said that the repair was still 100 dollars. I told them to go fuck themselves, they have horrible customer service and that they should really take an example from nintendo's absolutely exceptional customer service.

(in the recent past one of the buttons on my DS stopped working. I called them, they SENT ME A NEW DS, i take the new ds out of the box, put my old DS in the box, and send it back. From there they gave me an additional 2 year warranty on my new one)

So fellow dtoiders all i have to say is FUCK XBOX, PC GAMING FOR LYFE!

10:39 PM on 12.22.2007

New roomba video... added yesterday... seems pretty decent

anyone still got it? i need it pretty bad

plzplzplz pray for me, i'm almost out of penut butter and my sandwich won't be complete without it. I need dtoid's support.

Also here is a pic of me

yo guys i need some beta keyz. Jk but if anyone would let me borrow a blackcats account that would be awesome. also if anyone needs a demonoid account now is the time to ask