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mabman avatar 5:29 AM on 05.05.2008  (server time)
New Releases are not really *NEW* anymore... Testicles... That is all

Is it just me, or is everything hyped to the point of exhaustion. Or I may not have enough patience. Or maybe I'm bitter. Every game now garners as much hype as it possibly can and I'M OUT OF PATIENCE. Spore, how long was Spore introduced to the gaming community. 2 years - E3 2006?

If I see this god-diddly-arned image one more time, I'm gunna punch babies to the consistency of skittles. Give me a gaming site that did not have Nico's face pasted on it for the past 4 months. How long have we been waiting for StarCraft 2 - August 2006 it was beginning to be hinted at. Fallout 3 has been toying with us for more than a year.

Final Fantasy XIII was official come May 8th, E3 2006. Why are you telling me then - you should be telling me now. I am done with this waiting - nothing is a nice surprise anymore in this ultra-hype contemporary era. I can only hope for some surprises come this E3 as long as the clientele stop dropping out like a spider pig dropping off the Sears Tower. I do not want to even begin with those bound to be mediocre titles such as the hack n' slasher "Too Human" which was planned to be one of the PS3s launching titles. It screams the video game equivalence of "I Am Legend." Am I the only one tired of this waiting, of this ridiculous introduction and hype time - Spore looked as if was ready to launch a year ago - am I the only one taking crazy pills?

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