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Lets get The Touch in Rock Band

Stan Bush wants it to happen. he even wrote to Mike Fahey on Kotaku to say so himself. So me, being bored, decided to make one of them highly effective Facebook groups for it. Go ahead and join and spread The Touch to people ...


The joys of NDAs.

Now a few months back I got a job at a place I can't tell you where, because of an NDA. You see they think folks will contact me for info pertaining to products, of which I can't and will not discuss. It's annoying because I ...


Vote Mudkipz!

SO, I herd U liek MUDkipZ?? A phrase many of you have heard over the years, and yet today it means more than ever.For on this day mainstream gaming forum and cheats site GameFAQs is holding round five (possibly) of it's year...


This weeks edition of Gamer tv.

Thought I'd do a service to all the Yankee-doodle-dandies out there but I didn't have a good leader figure I could send to run your country so instead I'm gonna post this weeks episode of the UK No.1/only video games show Gam...


Two Worlds NO.1 on Gamerankings.com!!! SRSLY!!!

I took a pic before the haters at the games magazines got to it and started giving it bad reviews on purpose!! Also the game got 3 5 star reviews right here!!! Id say this proves that Two Worlds is the most game ever..... next to Drake of the 99 Dragons of course. In fact here's a fecking amazing video I made about Drake. Enjoi!


About lvl54spacemonkeyone of us since 2:16 PM on 08.01.2007

Hmmm, my hardcoreness.

Well awesome gaming bible EDGE magazine once said that you're a hardcore gamer if you own a Neo Geo console. Well I have a Neo Geo Pocket colour. Does that count?

Guess I should list a gaming system history/list/thing to fill 5 minutes of my day.

in autobiographical order (although many of these were played earlier this is the order I got my own)

ZX Spectrum 48k
Amiga 500
Game Boy
Game Gear
Amiga 1200
Mega Drive
Game Boy Colour
Master System
Neo Geo Pocket Colour
Sega Saturn
Game Boy Advance
Playstation 2
Game Boy Advance sp
Nintendo DS
Xbox 360
Playstation 3

Right, I think that's everything. That was boring.

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