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lv99ron avatar 7:20 PM on 05.02.2013  (server time)
There should be a game based on The Collector movie series.

Before I get into it, here is a little back story for those of you who might not know anything about the Collector series. The Collector is a serial killer, that likes to break into people's homes and take them all hostage.  While they are subdued he rigs their house with various deadly traps, and then lets roam free, prisoners in their own homes trying to find a way out while avoiding the traps.  He gained the name "The Collector" from the fact that he always takes one with him, while killing those that weren't finished off by the traps. In the sequel, The Collection, a group of mercenaries and a survivor track The Collector to his warehouse hideout, where he takes his survivors, to rescue the daughter of a wealthy businessman.  Much like the houses he uses in his deadly games, his warehouse is completely rigged with booby traps designed to isolate, capture, or maim anyone caught in them. So naturally they are picked off one by one, by The Collector and his traps. 

This aspect of the series I think could translate well to games, mainly because it has been done before.  I am of course talking about Techmo's Deception series.  For those of you not familiar with this series you play as a young girl, who finds herself defending a castle from various enemies.  She lacks any true offensive abilities, so she cannot face any of her assailants head on.  Instead she must rely on her ability to place traps in various places around the mansion, and lure her attackers into them.  She was limited to 3 traps per room, and could only bring 3 traps per category with her.  So there was always an element of strategy when choosing your ceiling traps, a wall traps, and a floor traps.  The traps themselves ranged from giant boulders that could crush enemies, bear traps to hold them in place, or crushing spike walls to skewer enemies. After each mission you were awarded experience based on your performance, that you could then use to create new traps, like a wall mounted mask that fired arrows, or enhance existing ones.  So your boulder could be turned into a giant electrifying iron ball to crush and electrocute enemies.  Traps could also be used in combination assaults  So you could hold someone in place with a magnetized floor panel, while a wall mask fired buzz saws at them, and finished it off with a pendulum that could slice and launch them for added damage.  Aside from your traps, different parts of the castle had various objects that could be used to further add punishment to those foolish enough to come into your house, like an iron maiden that slams shut the moment someone is launched into it, or a body of water that could carry and amplify the  voltage of your electrified iron ball, or instead of trying to drop the iron ball directly on someone, just lure them to a flight of stairs, drop it, and let gravity do the work for you.  So room layout, accessible traps, trap stats (damage, range, recharge time), and enemy stats had to always be taken into consideration when gearing up for the next mission because you never wanted to be caught trying to hit a ninja with a slow trap that they could easily evade, or use arrows against armored enemies that would laugh them off as they made short work of you. 

With all that said, I really think The Collector would make a great game in this genre.  Change the location from a mansion/castle, to a rundown warehouse with multiple rooms and floors.  Specific rooms could have traps already built into them, to be used against those invading your warehouse.  Keep the leveling system, so his traps will always stay fresh as he creates new ones, or puts interesting twists on existing ones.  Now this would just be the 5th game in the deception series if you didn't add some addition features.  They could add a collection system, where the game selected random individuals from the groups.  These individuals would make perfect additions to your collection, so you would want to keep them alive.  This would add an additional level of challenge, while also adding extra replay value.  Where you could replay missions with your enhanced traps, to better aid you in taking your prize alive.  The biggest addition comes from the differences between the Deception cast and The Collector.  Each girl was frail and weak.  They had to rely on traps and their environments to survive.  On the other hand The Collector is strong, a gifted hand to hand fighter, and also very lethal with a knife.  If an enemy managed to avoid the traps, or there was no time to set up a more effective trap you could engage them directly.  This could break up repetition by allowing the player to get more involved with dispatching their enemies.  It could even be used as a way to effectively take your subject alive.  Where you stalk your battered, bruised, and bloodied prey, as they desperately tried to reach the exit.  To have freedom within reach, only to have it snatched away from them as you knock them out, and throw them in his signature trunk.  

If any company were to do this, and do it right, it could turn into a very good game.  Unlike those Saw games, that just felt like someone trying to capitalize on the popularity of the movie franchise.  Personally, I just want to put on the mask of the Collector and play a deadly game of Mouse Trap, that ends in tears and bloodshed, instead of laughter and happiness.

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