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lv99ron avatar 3:52 AM on 10.26.2012  (server time)
My take on Silent Hill Revelation in money wasting 3D

Wow, it's been awhile since I've written anything here. I figured it was time for me to hop back into the fray, and what better topic to talk about than Silent Hill Revelation.

So as you have gathered I just watched Silent Hill Revelation in 3D. The movie was just ok. In my opinion the first one was better. I really liked how the first movie portrayed the transition from the regular world to the dark world. Their take on that never really discussed topic actually made it's way into the games, which I always thought was cool. Also the church massacre scene towards the end was pretty damn intense. It's like if Saw and Japanese tentacle hentai hooked up, and that scene was born. Now this movie on the other hand didn't really have anything that stood out to me. There were no "OH SH!T" moments, no crazy, or intense scenes. There was really nothing new outside of a few monsters and those sexy ass nurses responding to sound this time, instead of just light. But this one was closer to the game than the last one, but not that much closer. I can't even really compare this to Resident Evil. Mainly because the Resident Evil series is basically an action movie, with a "horror" setting. It knows what it is, and it's stupid fun. You don't watch those for a deep character driven story, and Oscar caliber acting, you watch them to watch Leeloo kick zombies to death in the most randomest of outfits. Silent Hill Revelations doesn't really have anything appeal to people, who aren't fans of the video game series. If they want this to turn into a successful film series they need to figure something out to draw people in besides the name alone, and tossing in random references only a fan of the series would get. And Sean Bean. I would say watch it, just so the movie does well enough that we get a third one, but don't waste your time and money by watching it in 3D. They do nothing special, and like pretty much all 3D movies only a few scenes are in "shit popping out at you" 3D. And go in with low expectations, you might come out really enjoying it where as I came out and were like "meh, I've seen worse"


1: Sean Bean does die, but it's a dream sequence. So this goes on his death reel, and gets added to his small list of movies he has survived through.
2: The movie ends in a way that suggests a possible third movie, that might loosely follow the plot of the second game with Sean Bean looking for his wife who is lost in Silent Hill.
3: They toss in the main character from SH: Origins as a nod to that game that only those who played it would get, or those who where observant enough to realize something was up with his introduction to go and wikipedia him.
4: They also toss in a quick reference to SH: Downpour. Once again something only a fan would get.
5: Two of the bigger named stars in the movie turn into monsters, but not much explanation, if any, is given. It just happens, they rampage for a bit, then get dealt with.
6: Staying after the credits is pointless. You get an additional scene of Pyramid Head walking like a stroke victim dragging his buster sword. AND THAT'S IT!

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