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lv99ron avatar 1:54 PM on 05.01.2013  (server time)
Kamen Rider Battrider War: More Riders than you can shake a Rider Kick at.

As we get closer to the May 28th release date of Bandai's Dynasty Warriors inspired game, more and more screen shots, and trailers are being posted.  From this I have learned each Rider will have full access to all of their forms and attacks.  These changes can be done on the fly, so you can switch forms based on the situation.  So Kuuga can go from Mighty to Titan, and basically turn into a slow tank.  Absorbing punishment while dishing it out.  Then from Titan to  Dragon to utilize his speed and AoE attacks.  While there has been no news about Kamen Rider Decade being able to use his Form Ride Cards to turn into other Riders, or if he can change into his Violent Emotion form, it has been shown that in his Complete Form he is able to summon the Final Form of other Riders for a combined Final Attack Ride, and devastate all the enemies in his path.  

It wouldn't be Kamen Rider if they didn't have access to their bikes, all of which can be summoned to get around the environments faster.  They will also be needed to escape from specific timed areas. And if the mood strikes you ride up a ramp to destroy a helicopter in mid flight, if you can't be bothered destroying it the old fashion way.  As for Kamen Rider Accel, he can transform into his bike form to pull off the same stunts.  

Each main Rider will also be accompanied by their secondary Rider, and maybe a few others.  So Den-O will be able to team up with Zeronos or New Den-O, while the Newest Kamen Rider, Wizard, will be able to team up with Kamen Rider Beast.  Like their main counterparts, each secondary Rider will be able to change between their different forms in mid combat, and this includes their Final/Ultimate forms as well.  With that said both Kamen Rider Wizard and Beast can change into their ultimate forms, and destroy all those who stand before them.  

If I haven't stated this enough, I can't wait for this game.  I already have my copy of the Premium Sound edition pre-ordered.  So I'm just counting the days, until I have a reason to cut my PS3 on again. But while I wait, I will just continue to watch the newest trailer and try to contain my childlike giddiness.

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