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Well hello. My name is Ron, and yes i'm a nerd. Always have been always will be. Video games are my life. Without them i would probably be, I don't know outside playing sports, or doing something "constructive". I play action, adventure, survival horror, first person shooters, and just about anything else to raise my achievement score. At one point I was really big into rpgs, mainly the more obscure American releases. Now I prefer games that I can play in short bursts without having to worry about a long story to remember. And by short bursts I mean 4 -5 hours. I am an achievement whore. Can't stop won't stop. I like too many games, but if I had to choose a favorite I would have to say Dead Rising. On a hard day nothing brings a smile to my face quite like running over hundreds of the undead in a car, with the hood down. Then hoping out and killing more with my mega buster.

When I'm not playing games, I'm either on Myspace screwing around there, on Facebook screwing around there, or with friends. I enjoy going to the movies, hanging out, and going on adventures. Movies take up the second largest chunk of my life. I have a very odd taste in movies. mainly if the movie has something I really like or enjoy I label it as good. This is why I like movies like Daredevil, The One, House of the Dead, etc. But my friends trust my advice on films for the most part. If i don't like it you know it's bad. I'm actually in the process of trying to buy every single video game based movie. I'm only missing a few. Hopefully Hollywood keeps on crapping them out.

Now all that crap I take in from movies and games isn't wasted. I actually have a very good imagination. My only downfall is i need motivation to use it. One day i will find my calling in this world. Until then I'm going to keep raising my achievement score until Microsoft has no choice but to acknowledge me and give me a cookie.
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Before I get into it, here is a little back story for those of you who might not know anything about the Collector series. The Collector is a serial killer, that likes to break into people's homes and take them all hostage. While they are subdued he rigs their house with various deadly traps, and then lets roam free, prisoners in their own homes trying to find a way out while avoiding the traps. He gained the name "The Collector" from the fact that he always takes one with him, while killing those that weren't finished off by the traps. In the sequel, The Collection, a group of mercenaries and a survivor track The Collector to his warehouse hideout, where he takes his survivors, to rescue the daughter of a wealthy businessman. Much like the houses he uses in his deadly games, his warehouse is completely rigged with booby traps designed to isolate, capture, or maim anyone caught in them. So naturally they are picked off one by one, by The Collector and his traps.

This aspect of the series I think could translate well to games, mainly because it has been done before. I am of course talking about Techmo's Deception series. For those of you not familiar with this series you play as a young girl, who finds herself defending a castle from various enemies. She lacks any true offensive abilities, so she cannot face any of her assailantshead on. Instead she must rely on her ability to place traps in various places around the mansion, and lure her attackers into them. She was limited to 3 traps per room, and could only bring 3 traps per category with her. So there was always an element of strategy when choosing your ceiling traps, a wall traps, and a floor traps. The traps themselves ranged from giant boulders that could crush enemies, bear traps to hold them in place, or crushing spike walls to skewer enemies. After each mission you were awarded experience based on your performance, that you could then use to create new traps, like a wall mounted mask that fired arrows, or enhance existing ones. So your boulder could be turned into a giant electrifying iron ball to crush and electrocute enemies. Traps could also be used in combinationassaults So you could hold someone in place with a magnetized floor panel, while a wall mask fired buzz saws at them, and finished it off with a pendulum that could slice and launch them for added damage. Aside from your traps, different parts of the castle had various objects that could be used to further add punishment to those foolish enough to come into your house, like an iron maiden that slams shut the moment someone is launched into it, or a body of water that could carry and amplify the voltage of your electrified iron ball, or instead of trying to drop the iron ball directly on someone, just lure them to a flight of stairs, drop it, and let gravity do the work for you. So room layout,accessibletraps, trap stats (damage, range, recharge time), and enemy stats had to always be taken into consideration when gearing up for the next mission because you never wanted to be caught trying to hit a ninja with a slow trap that they could easily evade, or use arrows against armored enemies that would laugh them off as they made short work of you.

With all that said, I really think The Collector would make a great game in this genre. Change thelocationfrom a mansion/castle, to a rundown warehouse with multiple rooms and floors. Specific rooms could have traps already built into them, to be used against those invading your warehouse. Keep the leveling system, so his traps will always stay fresh as he creates new ones, or puts interesting twists on existing ones. Now this would just be the 5th game in the deception series if you didn't add some addition features. They could add a collection system, where the game selected random individuals from the groups. These individuals would make perfect additions to your collection, so you would want to keep them alive. This would add an additional level of challenge, while also adding extra replay value. Where you could replay missions with your enhanced traps, to better aid you in taking your prize alive. The biggest addition comes from the differences between the Deception cast and The Collector. Each girl was frail and weak. They had to rely on traps and their environments to survive. On the other hand The Collector is strong, a gifted hand to hand fighter, and also very lethal with a knife. If an enemy managed to avoid the traps, or there was no time to set up a more effective trap you could engage them directly. This could break uprepetitionby allowing the player to get more involved with dispatching their enemies. It could even be used as a way toeffectivelytake your subject alive. Where you stalk your battered, bruised, and bloodied prey, as theydesperatelytried to reach the exit. To have freedom within reach, only to have it snatched away from them as you knock them out, and throw them in his signature trunk.

If any company were to do this, and do it right, it could turn into a very good game. Unlike those Saw games, that just felt like someone trying to capitalize on the popularity of the movie franchise. Personally, I just want to put on the mask of the Collector and play a deadly game of Mouse Trap, that ends in tears and bloodshed, instead of laughter and happiness.

As we get closer to the May 28th release date of Bandai's Dynasty Warriors inspired game, more and more screen shots, and trailers are being posted. From this I have learned each Rider will have full access to all of their forms and attacks. These changes can be done on the fly, so you can switch forms based on the situation. So Kuuga can go from Mighty to Titan, and basically turn into a slow tank. Absorbing punishment while dishing it out. Then from Titan to Dragon to utilize his speed and AoE attacks. While there has been no news about Kamen Rider Decade being able to use his Form Ride Cards to turn into other Riders, or if he can change into his Violent Emotion form, it has been shown that in his Complete Form he is able to summon the Final Form of other Riders for a combined Final Attack Ride, and devastate all the enemies in his path.

It wouldn't be Kamen Rider if they didn't have access to their bikes, all of which can be summoned to get around the environments faster. They will also be needed to escape from specific timed areas. And if the mood strikes you ride up a ramp to destroy a helicopter in mid flight, if you can't be bothered destroying it the old fashion way. As for Kamen Rider Accel, he can transform into his bike form to pull off the same stunts.

Each main Rider will also be accompanied by their secondary Rider, and maybe a few others. So Den-O will be able to team up with Zeronos or New Den-O, while the Newest Kamen Rider, Wizard, will be able to team up with Kamen Rider Beast. Like their main counterparts, each secondary Rider will be able to change between their different forms in mid combat, and this includes their Final/Ultimate forms as well. With that said both Kamen Rider Wizard and Beast can change into their ultimate forms, and destroy all those who stand before them.

If I haven't stated this enough, I can't wait for this game. I already have my copy of the Premium Sound edition pre-ordered. So I'm just counting the days, until I have a reason to cut my PS3 on again. But while I wait, I will just continue to watch the newest trailer and try to contain my childlike giddiness.

Before we get to business, a little backstory to help you get a better picture of how excited I am. I am a big time Kamen Rider fan. I have watched all of the Heisei era (2000 - 2010) and 3 of the Neo-Heisei era (2011- Current) shows and movies, with the exception of Kamen Rider Wizard. I own several Kamen Rider figures, and toys. I even have a few video games and DVD box sets. I remember when I became hooked on Kamen Rider. I was killing time after work one day, waiting for traffic to die down and I was browsing youtube. I was curious about what had been going on with Power Rangers since I stopped watching it back in 1998 after Power Rangers in Space ended. I was catching up on 10 years of Zords and Rangers when I saw what looked like a Power Ranger in the similar videos section. It was a fan made music video for the series Kamen Rider Ryuki (Kamen Rider Dragon Knight). I was instantly hooked by the character design, special fx, and the finishing moves (Final Vents) used by the different riders. After that day I spent several days looking up all I could about Kamen Rider on youtube, and then filling in the gaps with Wikipedia. I practically knew almost everything there was to know about the current Heisei era series before I ever had a chance to actually watch one. Finally I was able to start watching the show when a friend hooked me up with a website with subtitled episodes. 12 years of Kamen Rider watched in a little over 3, not a bad use of time if you ask me. Now lets fast forward to January 2013. I was finishing up the Kamen Rider Fourze series and watching Kamen Rider Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max when I saw THIS scene of Kamen Rider OOO and Fourze destroying an army of Masquerade Dopants, Waste Yummies, and Stardust Ninja Dustards (lesser minions from Kamen Rider W, OOO, and Fourze). That's when it hit me, Kamen Rider could easily get the same treatment as Gundam, Fist of the North Star, and even One Piece and be turned into a Dynasty Warriors type game. No sooner than that thought crossed my mind I got my first glimpse of the next import game I was going to be buying, Kamen Rider:Battride War.
Kamen Rider: Battride War is a PS3 exclusive adventure/hack and slash game from Bandai. It will feature all of the Heisei and Neo-Heisei Riders as either playable characters, NPCs that help out during missions, or even mid and main bosses at the end of missions. I'm positive they will have some of the Showa era Riders but none have been confirmed at this time. At the time it is not know if their is a main story connecting all the Riders, but they have confirmed a story mode of sorts called Chronicle Mode. The story for Chronicle Mode is the Riders have lost their memories. The player picks their character and takes them through a few missions that were designed after "famous" scenes from their respective series, which will probably lead up to a climatic fight with the main villain from that series, or with their respective Dark Rider.
If you played any of the numerous Dynasty Warriors or Dynasty Warriors like games then you will be right at home here. You will perform combos using the attack and heavy attack buttons to pull off flashy stronger attacks that might be good for clearing a path through enemies or taking out surrounding enemies. You H.U.D will have a mini map, a life bar, a power bar that fills as you attack or take damage to use in a devastating Musou attack. What separates this from other games is you will also have a Driver icon in the left corner (the transformation device used by the Riders). At the moment it is not known how the Driver will come into play for all the different Riders, but as you can see from the newest trailer the Riders will have access to their different forms and combos and will be able to change them on the fly.

As for their super/ultimate forms it is not know if they will be able to change into them mid combat, if you only change into them at certain points in the mission, or if they can only be picked from the mission select screen. Like other games in this style moving around on foot can be rather slow, luckily each Rider will be able to use their different motorcycles to move around the levels and attack enemies.
Kamen Rider: Battride War will only be released overseas. Sadly the chances of it coming to the states are insanely low, but hey if it does well Bandai might make another game themed after Super Sentai, or as it's known over here Power Rangers. Personally I am looking forward to buying this as soon as possible. So if you are a fan of Kamen Rider like me, or just really enjoy Dynasty Warriors styled games and don't mind not knowing what the hell is going on I say check it out when it's released on the 28th of May.

Wow, it's been awhile since I've written anything here. I figured it was time for me to hop back into the fray, and what better topic to talk about than Silent Hill Revelation.

So as you have gathered I just watched Silent Hill Revelation in 3D. The movie was just ok. In my opinion the first one was better. I really liked how the first movie portrayed the transition from the regular world to the dark world. Their take on that never really discussed topic actually made it's way into the games, which I always thought was cool. Also the church massacre scene towards the end was pretty damn intense. It's like if Saw and Japanese tentacle hentai hooked up, and that scene was born. Now this movie on the other hand didn't really have anything that stood out to me. There were no "OH SH!T" moments, no crazy, or intense scenes. There was really nothing new outside of a few monsters and those sexy ass nurses responding to sound this time, instead of just light. But this one was closer to the game than the last one, but not that much closer. I can't even really compare this to Resident Evil. Mainly because the Resident Evil series is basically an action movie, with a "horror" setting. It knows what it is, and it's stupid fun. You don't watch those for a deep character driven story, and Oscar caliber acting, you watch them to watch Leeloo kick zombies to death in the most randomest of outfits. Silent Hill Revelations doesn't really have anything appeal to people, who aren't fans of the video game series. If they want this to turn into a successful film series they need to figure something out to draw people in besides the name alone, and tossing in random references only a fan of the series would get. And Sean Bean. I would say watch it, just so the movie does well enough that we get a third one, but don't waste your time and money by watching it in 3D. They do nothing special, and like pretty much all 3D movies only a few scenes are in "shit popping out at you" 3D. And go in with low expectations, you might come out really enjoying it where as I came out and were like "meh, I've seen worse"


1: Sean Bean does die, but it's a dream sequence. So this goes on his death reel, and gets added to his small list of movies he has survived through.
2: The movie ends in a way that suggests a possible third movie, that might loosely follow the plot of the second game with Sean Bean looking for his wife who is lost in Silent Hill.
3: They toss in the main character from SH: Origins as a nod to that game that only those who played it would get, or those who where observant enough to realize something was up with his introduction to go and wikipedia him.
4: They also toss in a quick reference to SH: Downpour. Once again something only a fan would get.
5: Two of the bigger named stars in the movie turn into monsters, but not much explanation, if any, is given. It just happens, they rampage for a bit, then get dealt with.
6: Staying after the credits is pointless. You get an additional scene of Pyramid Head walking like a stroke victim dragging his buster sword. AND THAT'S IT!

So this 14th is Valentines day. Sadly I won't be spending it with my girlfriend. I will be too busy with Twisted Metal. Not playing the game, mind you. I am in the desert somewhere with David Jaffe, 100,000 rounds of live ammunition, 3 truck loads of shit, and the ice cream truck from Hell. We are just getting ready for the Twisted Metal SHOOT MY TRUCK launch event. So if you have ever wanted to take a shot at Sweet Tooth's ice cream truck, or try and catch me with a stray bullet as I'm running around in the background head on over to SHOOT MY TRUCK for your chance to not only let off a few rounds at your favorite serial killer clown, but to possibly send his truck to that fiery junkyard bellow in a giant ball of...well FIRE!


A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about Infamous vs Prototype. Check it out with Lv99ron's time machine link Anyway I basically talked about not having a PS3 was my reason for favoring Prototype (multi system title) over Infamous (PS3 exclusive). Well that excuse no longer has weight to it (if it had any at all) because I am now the proud owner of a PS3. I recently purchased PS3 Infamous 2 bundle. After playing a few hours into Infamous 2, and a few weeks prior playing the "sorry we got hacked, here is a free game to make up for it" version of Infamous at a friends house I got to say I still prefer Prototype over Infamous. Now, before any of you get started, I'm not one of those fanboys that will stand by their title/franchise/publisher blindly. I am capable of comparing something I like with something else and pointing out everything that was wrong with it. With that said Infamous 1 and 2 are good games. The gameplay was fun and enjoyable, they had engaging stories, with fun little diversions, and little tweaks and features that I wish Prototype had. But when all is said and done I still enjoy Prototype more.

Infamous is fun to play. I enjoyed running around helping out random citizens. Trying to accomplish those stunts to unlock new powers, and being side tracked from my main mission because every time I used my ping move I found 4 or 5 blast shards in the vicinity that needed to be collected. When I was able to focus on my mission I was enjoying myself because they seemed to be varied enough. Sure they ranged from get to point A to point B, protect something or someone, or leave a trail of destruction and death, or in my case a trail of bad guys magnetized to the floor. I haven't beaten either game yet, so I can't speak on how repetitive some of these mission structures might become, but repetition has never bothered me. Shit I still enjoy playing Dynasty Warriors style games and those only have one goal, mash X with an occasional Y press to lay waste to countless enemies until you've wiped out the commanders, the main target, or all the commanders so the main target will appear so they can be wiped out. Prototypes mission structure does get repetitive. Kill target A, destroy structure A, consume target A to get inside structure A. Every now and then a B and even a C might pop up on your murder, consume, and or destroy checklist. But the beauty behind all of this that made the repetition barely noticeable was the fact that you were not stuck with only a few combat options. Cole Mcgrath, the protagonist in Infamous, has electricity based powers. He can shoot lighting bolts, fire off electrical grenades and rockets, produce static discharge (force push), and in part 2 he gains a static based form of telekinesis, as well as gains fire or ice powers based on if you want to be a bad motherf_@ker or the hero the city needs. Combine that with Cole's natural agility and parkour skills,plus his fighting skills and you have a little lightning spewing spider monkey blasting people as he clambers all over the place. Now on the other hand the protagonist in Prototype, Alex Mercer, could shapeshift. Imagine an angry cross between Mystique and the T-1000. Like Mystique you are fast, agile, and pretty good at hand to hand combat. But like the T-1000, why fight with your regular hands when you can turn them into an assortment of brutal weapons by manipulating your body mass to form blades, spikes, clubs, and my favorite a long tendril that can either be used like Scorpion's spear or clear a room like the cable in (warning graphic scene) Ghost Ship. These allowed you to mix combat up. Factor in Alex's enhanced speed, strength, durability, wall running, gliding, and minor parkour ability and you have a version of the Juggernaut if he had Wolverine's claws and was hoped up on 4 gallons of 5 Hour Energy, coke, and didn't fully believe in gravity. This alone is why I found myself enjoying Prototype more. Sure I can blast some bad guys from a distance with lightning, or force push them off a roof, but it's more fun to shred a couple of helpless soldiers, "GET OVER HERE" another who though he was safe on a roof top across the street and hurl his body into his friend who tried to run a little too late, to end it all by elbow dropping a tank to hell that was just passing by when it's attention was caught by a blood explosion on a nearby rooftop. And all that happened in 20 seconds. I'll get into the next 2 minutes a little later.

Now I would be a fool if I didn't say the story was Prototype's weakest link. The cliche story of someone with amnesia waking up and fighting to recover their lost memory, only to discover they have been gifted with powers and they are the only ones that can put a stop to what has happened to their world, was slightly livened up by ::SPOILER ALERT:: the fact that you wake up in a morgue with two guys ready to cut you open. You regain your memory by basically murdering and absorbing people using their memories to fill in the blanks. It turns out you were in fact that cause of the city going to shit, not once but twice. The military, of course, has dealt with this situation before and instead of destroying the virus that caused it decided to keep it and weaponize it. Oh yeah, and the fact that you aren't really Alex Mercer. The real Alex Mercer died right after releasing the virus shit storm on the city. You are in fact the virus basically in an Alex Mercer shell. (The last part reminds me of Unknown starring Liam Neeson where you are technically the bad guy, but your amnesia led you down a path of redemption where once you regained your lost memory you decided to stay on the side of good) ::END SPOILER:: Even with the few twist and turns the story takes, it never becomes that compelling, and at points it's just there as filler between blood baths. My biggest problem with the story was the fact that there was never a moment where Alex took a moment to reflect on the changes his body has undergone, which would have made him appear more human and relate-able. Instead they opted to add a sister, that acted as his only tether to his lost humanity. This seemed out of place to me because she just kind of accepted her dead brother was alive and capable of ripping a man in half, even after witnessing him punch a hole in a soldier's chest. Plus the scenes of them sitting around shooting the shit right after you just killed 4 or 5 dozen soldiers and caused millions of dollars in property damage were boring. On the other end of the spectrum you have Infamous. The story of a simple messenger that gets a package to deliver one day that turns his whole world upside down. The package is a device that destroys a portion of the city leaving wide spread chaos while gifting Cole with electricity based powers. These powers become Cole's escape from the now heavily militarized city, as well as the city's only hope of regain some semblance of order after the disaster ::SPOILER ALERT:: Soon you learn this was not a simple coincidence. You were meant to receive that package so you could get powers, because there is an approaching evil that only you can stop, but only if you become strong enough in time. This is none of that ancient prophecy mumbo jumbo, just some good old fashion time travel. The mysterious figure that gave you the package and ordered you to open it was the future version of yourself that traveled back in time to get you ready to face "The Beast", and entity of great power that he was not strong enough to fight in his time. ::END SPOILER:: Now, while it is still somewhat of a cliche story, it takes several twists and turns that keep it engaging. Also the karma system of the game affects the story in a variety of ways, by altering which characters you interact with, and changes the outcome for some. This helps keep the story fresh and GROUNDED. Too bad it was not enough to sway my decision.

With that out of the way, you all must realize I don't play games like this for the story. If you want to play a sandbox game for the story you play either Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row. But if you just want to feel like the baddest mother to ever terrorize digital civilians you play something like Prototype. Now yes, you can easily run a mock in Infamous, but that previously mentioned karma system means you will end up having to choose between the all powerful dark side or the kitten petting baby kissing light side. If you pick light your fun is limited because you are constantly worried about collateral damage. So that giant electrical storm you want to use you will have to hold off on because that bus of blind boy scouts is on its way to to the animal shelter and it's decided to stop right next to that group of enemies you want to nuke. Now if you started off as evil, or like me, playing the game again on the opposite side of the "give-o-fuck" meter you will not care. Seeing as Prototype has no karma system I was able to jump right in, and be the super powered dick I have always wanted to be. But the lack of the karma system is not the only driving factor. The main draw for me was how I could cause mayhem. Ripping a man in half with your bare (beefed up hands), or crushing his head with your mass hammer arm clubs will always be more fun to me than zapping dudes while hanging from a street lamp, or Fus Ro Dahing someone off a rooftop. Screw that. Instead of pushing him off I want to grab someone dumb enough to shoot at me off the street, run to the top of the empire state building, throw him at a helicopter that spotted a man sprinting up the side of the building, latch on to the helicopter when it's in range, rip open the cockpit, throw out the gunner, murder/absorb the pilot, crash the helicopter into another helicopter, as I'm free falling elbow drop yet another helicopter that was below me, then go from a nose dive into a cannonball of life and slam into a tank, and with everyone gathering to my position on top of the flaming remains of the tank unleash my devastator attack that fires out deadly tentacles from every inch of my body and destroy everything that was within range. Then when all is said and done grab another soldier that though he was one of the lucky ones to escape the blast radius, absorb him to don a new disguise, and round it all out by picking some random individual to take the heat by telling everyone they are in fact Alex Mercer disguised as some little old lady. That right there is what I call fun.

So there you have it. You might be like me and think Prototype was more fun, or you could hold Infamous as the next gen sandbox power fantasy game of all time. It just depends on the person. I just wanted to explain why I felt the way I did. Story wise Prototype is a much weaker game compared to Infamous, but because story is not what i was looking for I was in awe of the powers of death and destruction bestowed onto me. Now I do plan on finishing Infamous 1 and 2, so I can be ready for the inevitable part 3, I would be lying if I said I didn't get all giddy every time i checked my April to do list. April 24 12:00am Pick up Prototype 2. April 24 12:20am GO BAT SHIT INSANE THROWING HUMAN BIO-TENTACLE GRENADES AT PEOPLE. May 3 12:00am take a break from the game and eat something, and try to stop viewing everyone around me as a potential disguise or bio-mass to add to my growing collection.