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luvmysegadc avatar 8:32 PM on 10.22.2007  (server time)
Let's poke fun at Sony and their PS3

Sony has always been a thorn in my ass, contributing to the quick and painful death of some of my favorite gaming systems, the Sega Saturn and the Sega Dreamcast. But I have always respected Sony. It appeared that they could do no wrong.

Then came the PS3. Ridiculous price tag, one good game at launch, various complaints about not enough dev support for 3rd party developers, multi-platform titles regularly being delayed for their system, and being outsold by not only by the "young upstarts" at Microsoft with the Xbox 360, but the so called "casual" gaming system from Nintendo, the Wii.

Can we all together scream "WTF, Sony?!"

I know he isn't that bright, but G.W. Bush could do a better job at selling the PS3 than Sony is doing now. Waiting for "MGS 4" is not a good enough reason for me to buy a PS3. The current "price drop" and lack of backwards compatibility for the newer 40 GB system isn't helping either.

And the following articles doesn't bode well for the future of the world's best (and cost efficient) Blu-Ray player. Take a look at the following and tell me what you think.

EDITOR'S NOTE: For you PS3 fanboys out there, the title of this blog says "Let's poke fun at Sony..." , not "I hate Sony" or "PS3 Sucks!" or "360 PWND PS3 and yo mama". Get your panties out of a bunch and learn how to read. Besides, what's stopping any of you from blogging "Let's poke fun at Microsoft and their Xbox 360"?

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