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I think it would be wonderful getting the opportunity to talk shop face to face with people in the industry over the strongest margaritas we can get our hands on.

Sunbathing (even though my tan is natural).

Swimming (which I don't do very well -- some would say not at all).

Traveling outside the country would let me represent how Americans truly are (instead of those c*cksuckers in D.C. giving us a bad name).

Mexican women are sexy (hey, I'm trying to get laid abroad).

Wait, my Spanish sucks ass (I'll get someone to translate).

Will we have armed protection (Huh!?)?

I ask because Cancun has seen its fair share of drug wars as of late (granted, the vacation isn't in Nuevo Laredo).

I wonder if each individual get their own daily supply of fresh, drinkable water (this is Mexico we are talking about)?

If I get a massage, will I get a "happy ending" (ladies can get one, too, but it's probably called something else)?

Hmm, can I think of anything else stupid to say?

Of course (and I'm completely sober as I type this)!


Ok, I'll stop.

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