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luvmysegadc avatar 11:07 AM on 12.01.2008  (server time)
...Because Jim Sterling said so!!! And we want it.

At 1:09PM on 10/25/2008, Destructoid's Jim Sterling proclaimed Sonic Unleashed trailer has music that doesn't suck, also Sonic is Jesus". Within his short post was a very interesting announcement:

"I hereby declare that if I do not enjoy Sonic Unleashed when I play it for our Destructoid review, I will spike my hair, paint both it and my face blue, and spend a day's work publicly displaying my sick hedgehog visage online for all to see.
Also, I'll toss one off over Sonic and Knuckles Yaoi. It's sad how certain I am that such stuff exists."

Well yesterday, Jim gave Sonic Unleashed a 6.5 (what's with the ".5", Jimbo?). Us Dtoid subscribers would call that a bad game score. Although "I told you so" is most appropriate, let it be known that I am sincere when I make such boast, for there was a time in my life when I, too, was passionate about Sonic. So much so that I responded to a 15 y.o. kid on another website that shall go nameless when he asked "What Is The Big Deal With The Sonic Series?"

My response:
"I think the best way to answer your question is with a question: What was the first game that you absolutely loved? I'm talking that game that you can't stop playing. That game that you are passionate about. That game that you've made your personal mission in life to find every extra life, bonus, achievement, etc., etc., etc. And then you play its sequel. And the next sequel. And the next. And you love them all equally. Then out of nowhere, the game series goes into another direction. Sure, it looks good. The problem is that it just doesn't play the same. And every attempt by the game developers make things worse.

So if this was YOUR favorite game/series, the game/series that made playing video games one of your favorite hobbies, how do you think it would make you feel?

That was Sonic for a lot of us.
That Sonic which was known then as the "Mario Killer".
That Sonic that was the platform maker, making the Sega Genesis (aka Mega Drive) the must have gaming system.
That Sonic that dethroned the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES, aka Famicom) all by himself.

To see Sonic (and Sega) as a shell of it's former self is actually quite heartbreaking. Sadly at one point in your gaming future, you will unfortunately have to suffer a similar heartbreak."

But the time for nostalgia is no more. It's time for Jim Sterling to pay up on his promise! WE WANT PHOTOS/VIDEOS OF YOU JIM, PRONTO!!!

We want the blue spiked hair.
We want the blue face paint.
We want to see you at work in full get-up laughing it up with the coworkers.

But most of all, we want to see you "toss one off over Sonic and Knuckles Yaoi"!!!

(Please note: Click here for the Wiki on Yaoi. Just remember "To each his own".


To all Dtoids, I wanna see this happen! Let's do our part. I just ask that we all be respectful in doing so. Let's not clog up his email box or IM/PM to death.

(too bad I don't have a program on my laptop to convert Mike's name to Jim Sterling...**sad face**)

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