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lumberjackrock's blog

7:00 PM on 03.13.2008

saw it on digg and figured it was appropriate

rock band ftw

sorry, don't know how to embed video with this here bbcode.
but nuff said.   read

7:53 PM on 03.11.2008

I hate Plain White T's... the band...

so over the weekend I went and ran the console room of JMU's MADICON. That was pretty
ok. According to various con-goers, it was the best in years (along with the LAN room which
my bros ran).
but this is the thing.
picture this guy:

playing this game:

for 15 hours over a 2 day weekend. The other half of the weekend was spent playing SSBB
in japanese because, of course, one dude had a hacked Wii.
I mean, it was cool, minus the fact I spent zero time playing, and the full time helping other
people play with only one guy to help me, which was my bro that drove 3 hours up there
with me. So we were bored a lot.
Still, it was cool seeing people EXCITED about playing games together. Smash Bros was
seriously taken up THE WHOLE TIME, and the only reason Rock Band went off was for the
Halo and GH3 tournaments, and when some dickhole decided to pick up one of the 360's
fuckface. Glad it wasn't my game, cause that shit got scratched to hell. We had to explain
to the guy who donated it what happened, and he was totally cool BUT STILL.

So, all in all, running a Con Console Room gets an A+, except for the fact we had to remind
dudes to wear this Old Spice when playing games all weekend and being generally, you
know, geeks.
cause it was sponsored by the James Madison Science Fiction/ Fantasy Guild.
seriously.   read

9:42 PM on 02.26.2008

finally getting to finish my single player games

OK. Let's start off my first blog by avoiding writing a press release for The Writing Center of
CNU that will be needed to complete my Technical Public Relations Writing course, and by
avoiding writing an artifact paper for my Gender Comm. class, and by avoiding...

well, school in general.
I would be playing Overlord right now, but I got a 120gb HD for my 360 for $80 at work
tonight, which results in transferring my info to the bigger HD. CompUSA gives me one last
discount before we shut the doors, I suppose. Really my manager just decided not to be a
douche and let me haggle with him. I like $100 discounts as much as anyone. Thankfully
the fiance is reading "The Other Boelyn Girl", which leaves me free to procrastinate on said
degree-granting work; the 2 daughters are either sleeping or watching Shrek. I find that a
4-year-old should not enjoy watching Shrek, and watching me destroy demons or elves or
Middle Eastern soldiers or Locusts or grunts or... equally. Which she does, sometimes.

Except for "scary" things. Chainsawing Locusts = not scary. Playing "The Dishwasher" on
XNA = scary. And she gets bored with Skate. Kids.

So After getting nearly to my second prestige on CoD4, I decided to take some time off
from online and finish up most of the games I neglected to beat on single player. So I beat
CoD (every FPS should involve watching the aftermath of near-death in such a wonderfully
cinematic fashion), then Portal (HA! awesome), then Skate (except for a few film
challenges), and now alternately working on Overlord (predominantly), Mass Effect, Half-
Life 2 (which I had never played before), SDvsR2008 (which is technically a story mode...
technically) and I need to start DMC 4.

And why? Gamerscorewhore. No, not really. I just tended to picj up games and hop online
as soon as I could justify it, especially with CoD. I even need to finish teh Haloz story. FUCK
man. Most of these games I've had since release date.

It shouldn't be held against me. It's hard to tell your fiance that she needs to "SHUT THE
FUCK UP AND ENJOY THE RIDE", though I have tried to do so, with extremely bad results.
She isn't a gamer, unless you count Tetris and Zuma and sometime Psychonauts and Viva
Pinata. She DID enjoy watching me play through Bioshock (minus my "dumbass looking
around for random shit" - which, sadly enough, I only missed TWO fucking achievements in
my one playthrough: 1) beating it on the hardest difficulty and 2) I MISSED ONLY LIKE 5
FUCKING RECORDINGS!). Assassin's Creed has bored her to tears, which is lame, cause I
love it, especially since we got a 32" LCD for Christmas (or really my pending graduation, in
case my Mema dies before I do so) which makes AC looks fuck nuts good from the eagle's

So basically, despite trying my damnedest to do well in school this semester and all the
other life things I'm doing with variably high success rates (get a new job/better job since
the company is closing, be a good fiance, avoid pissing on the toilet early sunday morning
after a night of rum drinks and guitar hero, so on), I still am trying to find times to play
these games.

And I love it. So here's to 2007, my favorite gaming year to date.
Now if I can just finish this shit up before MLB 2K8 comes out. Lord knows I've been playing
the same season since MLB 2K6.   read

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