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I'm a long-time gamer from VA. I have 2 young daughters and holler in a rock and roll band.I play 360 almost exclusively now because of a lack of good PC and no desire to play the PS3 yet. I'm also working on my Communication Studies degree with a history minor. And bears.
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So, I was talking with my buddy about games. We both have been gamers for quite some
time, though he's a PC gamer and wastes his life on WoW. Anyways, he has a 6 year old
son, who for some reason is allowed to play Mass Effect. I have my issues with this, but it's
not my child so I'm not going to correct him.
Which leads to this hilarious moment.
If you've played Mass Effect, when you first meet Urdnot Wrex, you have the option to blow
his ass to pieces because you, being Commander (first name) Sheppard, are Bad Ass Level
9000 at all times. You are basically God incarnate, with the ability to say who lives and who
dies, including whole races of alien life.
So the kid (Damien) doesn't pay much attention to dialogue, which is good, because now he
won't get all butt secksed up while playing.
And he's just clicking the first dialogue option that's available.
And he kills Wrex.
Normally, this would just be Sheppard being all bad ass and killing a dude known for killing
dudes from a race of aliens known for existing to kill dudes, cause that's what Sheppard

But no. Damien, as he has apparently decided to grow attached to these particular
characters very swiftly, begins to cry.
uncontrollably. inconsolably. unceasing.
Seriously, 6 year old has not only been granted the chance to play a mature rated game,
but as he kills a dude, cries over it being his 'friend'.
And his dad laughed. And I laughed.
And my 4 year old watches her mom and I play Psychonauts for fun. Who knew?

Krogan warriors are friends to the young. Don't kill them prematurely.
Unless you're a Bad Ass, capitalized.

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