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lumberjackrock avatar 8:26 AM on 06.15.2008  (server time)
comments about reviews

So, I read the reviews from time to time, because it's cool to see how someone forms an
opinion on what I have not yet, or have, played. I argued when they said Army of Two was
a load, because it was honestly fun the first few times I got with my buddy and played it....
then we took the next 3 weeks ATTEMPTING to beat it before we got too bored. Granted,
we had limited time to play, and the lady would generally not let me play for more than an
hour before we had shit to do, but regardless. It took forever because I just didn't fucking
care to play anymore. The game has since left my collection without a single tear

bye bye.
I kind of felt like a dick, you know? I'm just as opiniated, sure, and probably just as smart
and able to make these sorts of opinions for a mass audience as any
editor/reviewer/whatever on the site. But they said it sucked, and I said "no way bitches
you're wrong it wasn't great but still deserves X number-based score because a 4 is too
lllloooooowwww". But I was wrong, and didn't really give in to the "full 10 rating scale" they
like to us. Granted, this is one game where I was dick-like, but

So now, I jet around, reading articles and such when I have a chance. I just now read Rev.
Ant.'s review of The Bourne Conspiracy, which i felt was pretty spot-on. Like a lot of you
guys, I played the demo, felt it was "just ok", and moved on with my life. I wanted to
believe it would be awesome, but didn't really expect anything from it. I was proven, really,
right. But for some reason, there just has to be some lovable DBs who would rather
complain about Rev. not liking BIG BUDGET GAMES which are REAL GAMES as compared to
INDIE GAMES which are LAME because they don't have REALISTIC CHARACTER MODELS
and sometimes instead use CARTOON DINOSAURS - or at least something close to that.
That may be TOTALLY TRUE. But to use that argument on a game that, for all intensive
purposes blows shit despite being sort-of fun, which he already admitted, is pretty fucking
dumb-as-rocks retarded. This all brings me to my point, or posit, or what have you -
If you don't like the reviewer, why the fuck do you bother reading his fucking reviews? I
guess just to be a bunch of flaming dicks.

Shazam! I would recommend you guys
L2playlessshittygames, nubs.

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