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1:14 AM on 02.11.2008

PK Bawwwwwwwright (Epic Earthbound fanart)

by FiztheAncient on DA

I just finally finished Earthbound last night, and was inspired to get art done. So, I asked Fiz and she said "lol k"

Anyways, my thoughs on the game to actually give this post some content. It's beautifully made, as has been said so many times. The epic story, espcially covered by the coffee breaks. The quirky characters (Mr. Saturns, Mr. Carpainter, the enemies..), the locations (Lumine Hall especially. That was my favorite Sanctuary I think), and just the whole way it was put together and paced. It went by at just the right speed I think.

And of course, the huge rivalry between Ness and Pokey drew me in so much. I can't wait to see Mother 3 translated, so I can see how the story continues. All I know is that I really wanna beat Pokey around some..because he is, as Riley Freeman once put it, a "bitch nigga."

That final fight gave me shivers. I'm glad I never actually finished it as a kid. Gigyas was as scary as I'd been told he was..but I wasn't expecting the change in appearance at the last bit of the fight. Not to mention the music. Oh the music of the game! I'm so glad I have the soundtrack, and Bound Together.

So, yeah. I need to see if I can pick up an actual physical copy some day, to enshrine and worship and never actually play. That would be a valued treasure if I could ever actually get it.   read

12:26 PM on 02.05.2008

Delicious copypasta (feel free to skip)

Don't say another Goddamn word. Up until now, I've been polite. If you say anything else - word one - I will kill myself. And when my tainted spirit finds it's destination, I will topple the master of that dark place. From my black throne, I will lash together a machine of bone and blood, and fueled by my hatred for you this fear engine will bore a hole between this world and that one. When it begins, you will hear the sound of children screaming - as though from a great distance. A smoking orb of nothing will will grow above your bed, and from it will emerge a thousand starving crows. As I slip through the widening maw in my new form, you will catch only a glimpse of my radience before you are incinerated. Then, as tears of bubbling pitch stream down my face, my dark work will begin. I will open one of my six mouths, and I will sing the song that ends the Earth.   read

3:55 PM on 01.28.2008

Luca's Short Reviews - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games DS

I'll be forthright. This is a fun little game. It makes use of the DS functionality quite well (Most games are stylus only, some use both stylus and buttons, and some are button only.)

You can play as a bunch of Mario & Sonic characters, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. I've been using Tails mainly because he's got decent speed, good stamina, and he's got great 'Skill', which I'm not quite sure what that means.

There's also a wide variety of events in the game. I've gotten good at running & swimming, and most field sports outside of the Triple Jump, which I can't make work for some reason. That's my only gripe, that some of the games don't explain the rules very well, namely the Triple Jump. Also, Ping Pong and Shooting are kind of hard to perfect.

I rate it... a 3/5.
edit - changed score. It's worth a rental, but not to buy. Thanks everyone for pointing out my miscalculation :V.   read

5:15 PM on 12.29.2007

I Wanna Be The Guy

So we all know about that evil little Japanese Mario-like game by now, yes? Well guess what? There's a game that's even more of a bitch. And that game's name is... I Wanna Be The Guy.

It's epic most definitely, but also TOTALLY unfair in how it kills you. Plus it has actual bosses that were a bitch and a half in their own time. I've only made it as far as the first boss (MIKE. FUCKING. TYSON.) and that was with the help of a guide almost the whole way through.

IWBTG is a twisted cruel game, and you'll hate it so much, yet keep coming back for more. It tracks your deaths, but it's so much easier to die randomly than it is in Pyoron. Hell, I only died in that about 100 times...but I'm over 100 deaths in IWBTG, and nowhere near the end. The screenshots on the site? Have never seen them in game.

So, yeah. Download the game, tear your hair out, and curse my name for the years to come :D.

PS - I suggest playing on MEDIUM (as there's no easy difficulty) difficulty. The added save points are really helpful.

PPS - This came AFTER Pyoron. To quote the FAQ...
Q: Why is this game so fucking hard?

A: A whim, really. I played a 2chan flash game that was stupid hard and thought "Hm, I can do better". I needed a practice project. It just happened to grow into a big game.   read

5:03 PM on 12.21.2007

R4DS, and some TF2

I know this may be a forum thing...but fuck that. I finally got around to buying one, since I read about Nintendo and it's crackdown on things like the R4. Any suggestions on utilities or 'backup' sites for NDS files? I have ScummVM ready to install. I just need to get some files for it...

And aside from that. I'm continuing to improve at TF2. I've lost interest in sniping, and I rarely run around as a Scout. Now I just do Pyro, Soldier, Medic, and occasionally Engineer, Demo, or Heavy depending on situations. Much props to Kor, Caffeine, Esch, and the rest of Dtoid for it's continued awesomeness and assistance.   read

12:23 AM on 11.18.2007

DToid Garry's Mod?

Sup new journal creation layout?

Anyways, anyone here wanna get in some Garry's Mod action? Or at least, anyone willing to teach me how to make the various tools work? I know how some work, but not all...namely the constraints. I wanna build a robit and such.

I leave with some pictures from tonight. Behold my bucket car, and Wheel O' Eli Love.


9:25 PM on 10.28.2007

TF2, Luca style. Also some personal life.

So, as those of you on FNF know, I've got TF2. I've been enjoying quite a lot personally. I started out pretty terribly, but I've slowly been improving. One day I'll be beating Vandam, Yasho, and the other FNF regulars...well...regularly.

I've gotten all the achievements, which pleases me. I even have a good story from today. I was playing with a furfag-type friend of mine on some French server. The admin booted us because we were dominating the game. I got over 100 points in one round, and got at least 15 kills as a Spy (through two iterations). Not to mention I was able to capture intel without a bit of damage, taking out two Demomen in the meantime.

Moving on, personal life stuff. My cooking classes continue to go well if anyone cares. Does anyone want/need a recipe or have any cooking questions? My recipe blogs have gotten barely any notice, and this makes me a sad   read

9:26 PM on 10.20.2007

Luca's Culinary Corner - Issue II

This time, a real recipe. As it says in the text, it serves 6 people. Just cut everything back if you want to have it for less. This was written for a Food Network competition that I didn't win.

I've got two other recipes I've made myself, but those are for another Clog.

Southwestern Chipotle Chicken Club Sandwich

Wheat Bread - 18 slices (6 toasted, 12 untoasted)
Pepperjack Cheese - 6 slices
Colby Jack Cheese - 6 slices
minced Cilantro - 2 Tbsp (or 6 tsp, to be even)
Avocado slices - 6
Butter - 6 oz
Mayonnaise - 6 oz
Roasted Garlic - 1 oz
minced Chipotle Peppers - 2 oz
Romaine Lettuce - 6 medium sized leaves, should fit on bread slices
Grilled Chicken Breast - 6 3-4 oz pieces
Red Onion (slices or julienned) - 6 oz
Cooked Bacon - 6 strips
Lime Juice - 1/4 cup

1 - Take cheese and put one slice of each between untoasted bread slices, and top with 1 tsp of cilantro and 1 slice of avocado. Grill in a hot pan with butter until bread is golden brown and cheese is melted. Reserve and cool

2 - combine Mayonnaise, garlic, and chipotle peppers. Mix well and spread lightly on one side of each slice of toasted bread. Spread remaining mayo mix on top of grilled cheese sandwiches

3 - Place lettuce leaves atop cooled sandwiches, and add 1 piece each the remaining ingredients (and 1 oz of onion) except for Lime Juice. Place toasted bread slices atop the bacon.

4 - Brush top of toasted bread slice with lime juice, and serve.

Prep Time - 15 minutes
Serves 6

Goes well with Chips & Salsa, and a Frozen Strawberry Margarita, or any Margarita. Or a Mojito.   read

4:04 PM on 10.20.2007

Luca's Culinary Corner - Issue I

I've decided to have my own theme. Since I'm a Culinary student... I'll present food. It can be weird foodstufs from the internet, recipes of my own devising, or food related to games and gaming.

Today's topic, I will give you a recipe for Solid Snake's snake jerky.

1 - find a snake
2 - stab it until it dies
3 - consume

Opinions? Suggestions for future installments? Hatemail?

Also, feel free to ask questions you may have about cooking and food. I'll try to help as best I can.   read

8:42 PM on 10.09.2007

Steamtoid. Also, cocks.

I need an invite to the Destructoid Steam group, for I am made of fail and have no Steam friends :<.

Also, I need a new graphics card so I can play better. I'm enjoying playing as Medic, Pyro, and Demoman especially. Occasionally Heavy, Scout, Spy, Soldier, and Engineer. I fail@Sniper tho, fail hard. Mostly because my aiming sucks hardcore.

Also. PORTAL RELEASES TOMORROW. SQUEE. I'ma leave my computer on for it to download overnight.   read

3:04 PM on 09.18.2007

Kingdom of Loathing. Also, friendcodes

So, what is D-Toid's opinion on KoL? Personally, I'm a fan. I've been playing for a year and a few months and it's been fun. Even when I was silly and did an Oxycore ascension with no skills permanent or anything, AND I went for the Gourdcore trophy at the same time.

I'm currently pleased with my massive pile of meat and stuff. A little over 2 million meat may not be the biggest amount, but that's because I splurge every so often, getting a bunch of stuff (last big purchase being 700 or so limes, jumbo olives, and cherry's for drinks). And... I'm worth nearly 75 million by inventory alone. Mr. Accesories, Time Trappings, Tiny Plastic Sword, and a Bottle-Rocket Crossbow being the most valuable things in my inventory. I even have the largest collection of Computronic Processor's in the Kingdom.

Hmmm, a Destructoid guild would be interesting to make for that matter.

Also, I need Friend Codes for when SSBB comes out finally. Anyone? Neonie and Monkeycat especially, ya furry mooks.   read

3:19 PM on 09.10.2007

In before, during, and after BAWWWWWWWWWW

So I finally start my blogging here with.... an old game.

Sid Meier's Pirates! Damn is it fun... I started playing around noon today, and suddenly 4 hours went by just like that. I've managed to take out two of the top 3 pirates, get an amazing War Galleon fully equipped.. and get ranks from every country. It's to fun and to distracting, and yet.. I can't put it away really. Even now I wanna get back in and duel more. I haven't even progressed the story as it is, I've just been running around dueling pirates and gaining ranks from countries.   read

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