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lucariotrainer13's blog

6:26 PM on 06.14.2010

Nintendo 64 classic "Goldeneye 007" gets remade on the Wii

The graphics look "meh" but I'm still screaming one thing:
[embed]176417:30688[/embed]   read

4:13 PM on 01.15.2010

Mega Man Zero Collection announced for DS

Question Time! What do you get when you have a kick ass handheld(DS) and 4 awesome and hard games(Mega Man Zero series)?

The Mega Man Zero collection!
No other information is known besides the obvious. It has 4 games in one.
Expect it to be released on April 22nd in Japan for you impatient people.   read

3:37 PM on 12.10.2009

Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now"+CoD:MW2 "No Russia" level=major lolz


Just fucking watch XD.   read

5:15 PM on 12.09.2009

Megaman 10 announced
Well, its a little early, but the thing Keiji Inafune was going to announce on Megaman's 22nd birthday is.....MEGAMAN 10! Yes, more 8-bit goodness! So far, its Wiiware only.
Sheep Man

Playable Characters:
Unannounced 3rd character(probably Bass)

un-named Computer Themed Level: Un-named Robot Master
un-named lava level: un-named Robot Master.   read

1:43 PM on 11.01.2009

Don Ivan Punchatz, DOOM Artist, dies at 73.

You remember this boxart, right? It catches your attention, makes you buy it, and you cherish it forever. Too bad you'll never see this boxart again. Because the guy who made it, Don Ivan Punchatz, is fucking dead! On October 11th, he had a heart attack and never regained consciousness, now its been two weeks and doctors advised there was no hope of recovery, and Punchatz's family removed him from life support.

"He never wanted to be kept alive like this," Greg Punchatz, Don's son, said to SpectrumFantasticArt, "so we are respecting his wishes."

Punchatz's iconic Doom box was just a small piece of his overall portfolio of work, which brought acclaim from luminaries such as the author Ray Bradbury. Spectrum Fantastic Art reports that Punchatz had already cut his fee to help id Software meet its budget. Id counterproposed that Punchatz accept a percentage of Doom's profits instead, but Punchatz stuck with his fee. "So how was I to know this thing called Doom would make a jillion smackers?" he laughed later.
R.I.P Don Ivan Punchatz(1936-2009)

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