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lostleader's blog

4:07 PM on 01.05.2014

New Years Resolution 2014: Friendly Gaming Year Challenge!

Its another year and it may be off to a bit of a crappy start (I got sick) I'm optimistic about this years challenge! As mentioned several times before hand, once or twice here on Dtoid and a few other places around the inter...   read

1:56 AM on 01.04.2014

8 game series challenge: AND THE REST

Ya this is pretty much were the series challenge ended itself, Metroid and Final Fantasy. A big part of this challenge was to simply finish Final Fantasy, but it turned out I can avoid that pretty easily. I certainly will ...   read

2:51 AM on 01.03.2014

8 game series challenge: Kirby review

Kirby is a series I never really played before, I mean I know I have played it as a kid, but I just didn't like it when I was younger. There was just something about it being to easy, mixed with a lot of bad experiences wit...   read

12:43 AM on 01.02.2014

8 game series challenge: Ratchet and Clank

Series: Ratchet & Clank A friend of mine recommend this series to me, and I pretty much fell in love with it like he did. Everything in this series is just stellar. Although Ratchet and Clank is a series that I think had s...   read

12:13 PM on 12.31.2013

8 game series challenge: Viewtiful Joe Series Review

Series: Viewtiful Joe Viewtiful Joe as a series was mildly interesting, and while I didn't get around to playing the fighting game that it also created or watched the anime it made, I have to say I had my fill. Perhaps I j...   read

12:42 AM on 12.30.2013

8 game series Challenge: Failure?

Well Dtoid, internet, and the fine folks that owned the Walgreens' bathroom at Sixth and Lincoln, I'm sorry. I really did try, then I didn't, then I avoided the problem, tried to hide it, and then manically tired to fix it ...   read

8:30 PM on 01.01.2013

New Year's Resolution 2013: Beat 8 game series

Itís that time again! To complain about video games? To blog about not having a sex life? NOOOOooOo its time to learn the lesson of My 60 game year challengeÖ Well I learned that I havenít played a lot of gaming s...   read

2:30 PM on 12.29.2012

60 game year challenge: COMPLETE

Well Dtoid, people of the internets I'm finally done! After almost but not quite a year I have beaten 60 games! It has been a long journey throughout, and sometimes I didn't think I was going to be able to do it. Thankfully t...   read

4:11 PM on 12.24.2012

60 game year challenge: All I want for Christmas is to beat this challenge

Well Dtoid, its almost Christmas and soon enough it will be the start of new years day. With only one more entree to go and one more game to go I think I will accomplish my goal. Its been a long ride, and with the world not e...   read

7:55 PM on 12.16.2012

60 game year challenge: A series of wonderful events

We are getting down to the wire Dtoid! While I only have half this month to go, and still two games to beat, 6 to write about in total, I really feel like I'm going to beat this challenge! Its been a long ride, but we are get...   read

6:06 PM on 12.13.2012

60 game year challenge: Entering the home-stretch

Well Dtoid its coming close to the end of the year, and I've reached the home-stretch of my 60 game year challenge. We finally enter into the 50's and I personally only have 2 more games to go...and 9 more to write about. Tha...   read

11:27 AM on 11.27.2012

60 game year challenge: Back to school blues

It's that time again Dtoid. While thanksgiving and black friday weekend maybe gone now and everyone gets back to work, I'm getting back to writing.And with that I am ever so much closer to completing my goal of 60 games in a ...   read

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