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lordscar avatar 12:20 AM on 04.26.2013  (server time)
Bioshock Infinite

The immaculately green grass of the cemetery swayed with the wind of this fantasy world known as Columbia. There was almost no noise, save for the distant sound of gunfire and the taps of the shoes worn by the heroes. I stared entranced as I tightly gripped the black plastic of my PlayStation controller. At last the pair reached the black iron gates of the grave the man and woman protagonistsí searched for. The woman's name was Elizabeth, a young and highly detailed character that I had grown comfortable with. Through all the many firefights that lie throughout my numerous play secessions I have never had to worry about her being shot, boost her to annoying places, or even wait until she got out of the freaking way. So needless to say, I was well contented with her existence in the story I found myself glued to.

There was a certain focus that came about once the plot began moving once more as Booker and Elizabeth found their way through the gate. The game's villain came over the loudspeaker, speaking his usual menacing and ominous sounding phrases. Before long, he began his newest plot for stopping the journey which I had already invested much of my time on. I realized that harm may come to the character that I had become so contented with, and I gripped my controller slightly tighter, my eyes dared not leave the enthralling events before me.

Once the newest goal had been laid before me by the large text in the center of my screen, I finally had the chance to once again fight against the armed men and women of Columbia. I was frustrated to find that the two weapons I had chosen in my severely limited inventory were low on ammo. The issue arose from the fact that this created a reliance on nearby weapons that simply did not perform to the level of my two choices. I settled for the abundant generic machine guns and shotguns that littered the vibrant grass.

Regardless I was satisfied with the detailed and gory deaths that the combination of my gunfire and vigors created. Though some of the vigors were much more useful than others, and the variety of my foes was limited, the fighting felt good. I continued along in my entranced state, continuously tapping the worn buttons of my controller.

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