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lolly-pop's blog

8:26 AM on 04.21.2008

stop being so critical about....

look guys i may not be like a serious hardcore gamer but i bet loadsa other people on here arent either

im fed up of gettin the shit kicked into my face
the gravel shoved down my throat
and the stabbings in my non-existant heart.

anyway...where was i

oh yeah

anyway guys stop being so damn harsh to fucking community members.


they can be anything you want so shut the fuck up

and let people write what they want to write and let it be random and i know what some people have got coming to this blog..

"the only rule:don't suck!" or w.e the shitting rule is.

does it matter? some people have probably written alot more shitter stuff than a random ass blog!

so shut the hell up and let me write whatever the fuck i want and whenever i want.

you have your opinions and i have mine.
im fed up of it

and im fed up of your opinion too   read

2:57 AM on 04.21.2008

guitar hero

guitar hero the game and site have officially fucked me off as god knows how much i'v been playing the game to satisfy my boredom, i still havent had any of my scores uploaded and the last update that is recored on there is when i was drunk and failing horribly on ruby set on easy...(ashamed....)

why is the website so fucked up????

to be able to get yuor scores online you have to enter a retarded code to be able to enable you to let you and others online let you see your score and to see how shite yuo actually play. what is the mother-fucking point??

guitar hero nerds should be sorting out the problem not creating more!!!   read

3:54 AM on 03.31.2008

boredom of F.O.F

ok its official, frets on fire is a shit knock off version of GH for the p.c but with crap songs, crap boring and not-even-worth-my-time graphics.

whoever made this game, go jump off a cliff and forget the parachute! you are probably the most uncreative game ever made! so well done dick weed! you have made this world one step closer to even worse.....

burn frets on fire!

watching dragonforce playing video games in their video was a lot more interesting than playing this game.....

3 songs, woopdy fucking hoooo! ok now put more songs on there! oh wait you dont coz we fucking have to! i dont really want to waste my time looking for better songs to play on there, but if it keeps me amused then i might fucking well have to then, wont i?   read

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