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Professor Layton, best DS game evar.

When I play Professor Layton and the curious village, I can't help but believe that this is what Nintendo wanted with the DS the entire time. No I don't mean ridiculously hard puzzles with a european cartoon theme, I mean s...


Looks like Hsu was right.

From EGM issue #199, enjoy: "My industry pisses me off. I was a little suspicious of the cover choices one of our competitors was making, so I checked in with a contact of mine from a major game publisher. "Yes," he confirm...


About lollercoasterone of us since 1:50 AM on 04.16.2007

My real name is Theo Rowlett, I'm a college student currently attending Jefferson Community College, and I plan on someday becoming a sophomore. I enjoy the film American Psycho. This is my blog. LULZ.

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