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So, I'm ady. Nineteen. Casual gamer. Starting gaming when I was...*takes a few minutes to remember* Shit, when I was four. On the sega game gear. Played me some sonic. I'm pretty sure I never beat any games on that system. Played on sega mega drive/genesis. Also mostly sonic. Had a real shitty NES. Goddamn gun for the duck game never worked. When the nintendo 64 came out, Zelda and Star Fox and Mario came into my life. Played pokemon on my game boy starting 3rd grade. Didn't play much other than kingdom hearts and FF10 in my jr. high days. Once I started dating Jakey I started playing more. Currently I'm just playing on my ds because of college. =/ Favorite games definately zelda: ocarina of time and kingdom hearts because they really impacted my life. Lately, I've been playing l4d2, mw2, really mainstream titles.

So, a few weeks ago I decided to stop neglecting my ds and actually play some games on the little guy. Ten dollars and two hours of designing later I created...

I wanted people to think of the phrase b.a.m.f. when looking at it, that is if they have the balls to stare the beast in the eyes.
Anyway, deciding to stop being a failure of a girlfriend and a human being, I began to play chrono trigger. Now, I've heard about chrono for years, and whenever I looked at chrono I would picture trunks from dbz.

Why, you might ask? I'll give you a hint: the sword. Well, and because they're drawn by the same artist. Funny enough, the more I play chrono the more he reminds me of trunks (e.x. time traveling, being hott).
So one of my favorite things about chrono trigger are the characters. To start with my teammates are two girls who both think I'm the most amazing thing that was ever pixelated. (Don't even try to tell me that Lucca only sees me as her "best friend".) Nothing makes me happier than having two decently hott sprites following me around. I knew from there that this was going to be a good game. Right now my party looks like this:

(First to the right Marle, Ayla, and lastly me.)
And I gotta say, I am liking the line up. I'm more of a brunette type of girl myself, but come on, these bitties are adorable and fighting the entire time about who gets to suck my throbbing member. (Lucca is cute too, don't get me wrong. Her intelligence just makes me feel inferior so that's why I have the two girl dumber than rocks with me.)
My biggest problem with the game (other than me sucking at rpgs) is that the triggers on my ds work about as good as bringing a knife to a gun fight (unless you're chrono). So that makes some parts of the game incredibly annoying since i'm repeatedly punching the triggers to make them work. Not only that, but it's also embarrassing since I was doing just that in my college class the other day, only proving more that no, I do not have a life.
So, right now in the game I just met the charming people of the kingdom of Zeal. When first warping to the kingdom in the sky I thought instantly how adorable the new area was and hoped to make a good impression on the locals. After a few conversations, I began wondering if everyone was tripping on acid. Then I realized they were just a bunch of nerds speaking their nerd language. But, hey, nerds are fine. Then this nasty bitch looks at me and says "Oh, you can do magic too, but yours seems rather primitive. Poor thing." Once the word primitive scrolled across my screen I immediately thought "Aw hell no. This bitch is going to be put in her place." I felt like Sarah Palin when Rahm Emanuel said retarded: bitchy and ready to unload a few rounds of my 2nd amendment right. I'm really excited to see what the fate of the kingdom of Zeal turns out to be. If I had my way, every man woman and child wouldn't be able to practice their magic every again. because I fucking killed them all out of the good of my christian heart. ^-^
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