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im just a die hard gamer

1:35 PM on 09.27.2010

once a upon a time there was a gaming system and a boy the oy was bored but couldn't find a tv to use it on soooo........................... (comment to keep the story flowing)

12:57 PM on 09.27.2010

[color=violet][/color] hi my name is Todd (but people just call me panda) im a major halo fanatic even hough i own a ps3 just because online is free xD but yeah i am a new guy :D im 16 birfday ist feb 11... but hope yall like playing cod because i am a major competitor in cod i only have the 1st modern warfare cause my MW2 disc broke :'( but thanks for zee big welcome mate's hope to see ya on the field.... gamer tag ps3 ist lofty_panda